Ampe A76 Android 4.0 7 Inch Capacitive Screen 8GB Tablet PC

Ampe first use "intelligent dynamic backlight adjustment technology" in A76 elite version, the innovation of the energy saving technology can adjust the screen brightness intelligent, to achieve a truly intelligent province electricity, to avoid some of the unnecessary power consumption. Compared with other MID power consumption by 45%

Teclast LEWEI Waterproof Mini USB Flash Drive

LeWei series USB Flash Drive's volume very small, can be easily into my purse, key ring, also can be used as the girl's decorations, namely the alternative and fashion.

Teclast LECI 4GB USB Flash Drive

YUECI series adopt such as a jade porcelain tenderness, material qualitative, tiny appearance, fine delicate bamboo design, traditional Chinese porcelain reappear god the essence of design, with strong classic breath; Push-pull type USB interface design, completely eliminate off the trouble of cover, carrying more convenient; The COB packaging technology, improve the product integration, smaller, and make products with waterproof, dustproof, and fell three functions; Adopts A + flash chip level, ensure the stable operation of the U dish and actual storage capacity. In addition, the built-in antivirus encryption function can be fully protected your data security.

Teclast A15 Android 4.0 8GB Tablet PC 9 Inch Capacitive Screen

If you think of 7 inch Tablet PC is too small, and 9.7 inch Tablet PC not easy to carry it, then Teclast latest 9 inch Tablet PCA15 is probably your first choice! Teclast A15, the world's first nine inch hd screen Android4.0 Tablet PC, the size of the machine just good! And it's screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels higher, than iPad2 also clearly more than 30%! New Teclast A15 not only have iPad2 beyond the high display resolution, also has iPad2 as the screen visible area, at the same time volume and portability iPad2 more wins one! Also in the 7 "Tablet PC with 9.7 inch vacillating between? New 9 inch high screen clearing Teclast A15 of you will be more perfect choice.

ICOO D90W 9.7 Inch IPS Multi-touch Screen Android 4.0 Tablet PC

ICOO D90W the first listed as the Allwinner A10 plan and second generation IPS screen by MID, in evaluating the performance or very surprising.

Ampe A72 7 Inch Capacitive Screen Android 4.0 Tablet PC

Ampe A72 using designed for a new generation of MID make All Winner A10 processing chip, to 1.5 GHz maximum frequency.

Ampe A90 9.7 Inch IPS Screen Android 8GB Tablet PC

Ampe refused to homogeneity, adhere to the independence of product design and development route, A90 design on the still continues the charm of love consistent style, the research and development of their appearance, fine thin fashion design style, the most only 9.8 cm thick, make the overall appearance more fashionable fine thin. On the screen, 9.7 inches wide Angle IPS display, the 4:3 display ratio, brightness to reach 400 Nita, and resolution to a 1024 x 768 pixels, for the users to bring better visual experience. And in control, use is G + G capacitive touch screen hard, can achieve at ten o 'clock touch, combined with the mechanical buttons on the configuration and touch buttons for users to bring more comfortable and convenient experience.

Ampe A81 8GB Android 4.0 Capacitive Screen Tablet PC

Ampe A81 labeled the modelling, contracted design style reveals an atmosphere vogue, clean-cut whole plane back cover all show clean. The bottom of the metal wiredrawing positive designs, for the product graces many. Middle has HOME button, upper right also put a front camera, whole looks and easy dignified. On the back of the machine by water texture design, can prevent slippery and increase the wear resistance, reveal personality and aesthetic feeling.

ONDA VI10 Elite Version 7 Inch Multi-touch Screen HDMI Tablet PC

ONDA VI10 Elite Version Tablet PC relative to the mainstream before 7.0 inch flat, in the memory and storage space brought comprehensive upgrade.

Taclast P75a Ultra-thin Metal Design 7 Inch Capactitive Screen Tablet PC

Teclast P75a using ultra-thin design, the thinnest place to 3.9 mm! And overall thickness also is only 9.9 mm. P75a the use of special lightweight alloy precision make, make sure the fine thin body also has an amazing structure strength and soundness. Even in poor conditions to use, all metal airframe also can in good condition protection machine elements from being damaged.