The Unicol Obelisk Digital Kiosk Display Now Offers More Capabilities and Options for Customers

Unicol has proven to be one of the most established producers and manufacturers of various AV products and components, including AV equipment, furniture, video walls, projector mounts, multi-screen units, trolleys, stands, and more. And now, Unicol cements its reputation even further with more capabilities and options for customers with its outstanding Obelisk Digital Display Signage System.

Unicol Releases Latest TV Mounting Solutions for Microsoft Surface Hubs

At Unicol, customers have the benefit of great products which have all been tried and tested by the experts. Unicol specialises in an array of TV and projector mounts as well as display stands and other products, and it doesn't disappoint. Today, Unicol has released its latest collection of mounting solutions for Microsoft Surface Hub displays as well.

Unicol's Adaptawall Exceeds Client Expectations with Array of Advanced Features

Unicol is the name that comes to mind when it comes to unique, innovative audio-visual support products and displays. And now, with the Adaptawall, Unicol, once again, does not disappoint.

Unicol's Led Displays Assembled on-Site Provide Quick and Easy Solutions for Clients

Unicol continues to be a leading player in LED display solutions, and its LED display mounting structures prove to be the right choice for customers looking for bespoke products that can easily adapt to their precise requirements.

Video Wall Installations Simplified with Unicol's 'Simplex' Range

For businesses seeking to advance their advertising and marketing strategies, video walls have already become a popular choice. With a properly-designed and installed video wall, businesses can benefit from a highly-advanced, dynamic, and innovative advertising tool which is guaranteed to give their customers the right impression and help their enterprise move forward.

Unicol's Dedicated Range of TV Mounts Ideal for a Variety of TV Makes and Models

Unicol is proud to say that it is the largest AV mount designer and manufacturer in the United Kingdom. The company has produced a broad number of mounting solutions ranging from single column trolleys to floor-, ceiling-, and wall-mounting solutions for TVs, LCD displays, and projectors. Unicol describes its products in more detail: "Modular interchangeability combined with neat appearance is the theme running through all the product ranges with emphasis on safety and ease of installation being paramount."

Unicol Releases Range of True Led Display Solutions for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

More and more businesses today are opting to have video wall displays installed in their premises and used for special events and occasions. Unicol knows this full well, being one of the leading players when it comes to displays and mounting solutions in the UK for many years. But amongst Unicol's many products, its LED display systems are truly in a class of their own.

Unicol Highlights Benefits of Specially-Designed Led Display Mounting Structures

Unicol has been a leading player in the design and manufacturing of AV support solutions for a good number of years. What began as a small firm offering mounting support solutions for large format displays and projectors has now become an esteemed company with its very own 45000 square foot factory located in Headington, Oxford.