U.S. Sewer & Drain Inc.

US Sewer & Drain Announces Success of Storm Line Replacement Project at the Marmet Lock and Dam

US Sewer & Drain, a leader in the pipelining industry, is pleased to announce news of another successful replacement project. US Sewer & Drain answered the call to fix a leaking 1,740-ft section of 30-in. storm line in need of attention in Marmet, West Virginia. CIPP contractor US Sewer & Drain overcame several challenges when handling this unusual project. The storm line, which serves residential development adjacent to the Marmet Lock and Dam, was experiencing extensive infiltration of soil and water through joints in the pipe. US Sewer & Drain was able to figure out the reasons behind the infiltration and follow through with a CIPP pipe lining process.

US Sewer & Drain Announces Success of Sea Towers Condos Rehabilitation Project

US Sewer & Drain, offering pipe lining services in New York, Philadelphia, and Florida, is pleased to announce the success of its rehabilitation project for Sea Towers Condos. Water seeping into the building from failing pipes had become a major concern to the managers of the high-rise Heritage building in St. Petersburg, Fl. Living spaces in the condominium had been damaged by pinhole leaks, with some units developing serious mold. Before the 37-year-old pipes could continue to cause problems. The Heritage Board of Governors decided to call US Sewer & Drain for a cost-effective solution.

US Sewer & Drain Touts the Success of Parker Plaza Rehabilitation Project

US Sewer & Drain is pleased to tout the success of its recent Parker Plaza Rehabilitation project. In early 2013, Parker Plaza Condominiums began experiencing major sewer back-ups in their main sewer trunk line, which can be described as the main artery of their sewage system. After experiencing a series of sewer back-up issues, Parker Plaza contacted US Sewer & Drain to diagnose the problem and offer an easy and affordable solution.

U.S. Sewer & Drain Touts the Success of Sea Place Condos Rehabilitation Project

When people visit U.S. Sewer & Drain Inc.’s company website, they will be able to view many successful job profile summaries. The company job profiles many rehabilitation projects including residential homes, condos and monuments across the nation. U.S. Sewer & Drain Inc., one of the leading sewer line companies in the country, touts the success of the Sea Place Condos rehabilitation project.

U.S. Sewer & Drain Inc. Now Provides Lateral Pipe Lining Services

U.S. Sewer & Drain Inc., one of the most established pipelining companies in the country, announces lateral pipe lining services for commercial properties in Florida. With this new service, people will be able to save time and money by installing a pipe liner inside of the existing sewer with little to no evacuation required. This is much easier than spending the day digging up unnecessary property. For a free estimate on commercial lateral lining repair, please call 800-504-6108.