UTI Tees, Inc

Custom Cupid T-Shirts for Valentine’s Day

Under the Influence Tees in Indianapolis, IN has created the first annual Custom Cupid shirt. Designed and printed especially for Valentine’s Day 2010, the high quality black Jerzees tees are adorned with vinyl graphics in either romantic red or pink sparkle.

Indianapolis Company Builds a Global Business Around Funny Cartoon Beaver T-shirts.

Under the Influence Tees, based in Indianapolis, IN, is a full-service teeshirt design and printing company. Their signature “theme” shirts are spunky little Beaver designs which they are featuring this month. You can buy them for as low as $9.99 when you buy 20 or more.

Under the Influence Tees Logo Gains Popularity With College Students

College students on spring break want to wear something funky, fresh, and different, and the Under the Influence Tees fit the bill perfectly. These Custom t-shirts feature a colorful, cool cartoon fish holding a mug of frosty, foamy beer. Perfect to add “Spring Break 2010” and insert the cool location.

Indianapolis Company Promises It Will Put Anything You Want on a T-shirt!

There are many custom T-shirt companies in existence today, and each seems to have its own little niche. Under the Influence Tees takes a fresh, young approach to customized shirts. They will put what you want on your customized T-shirts!

Custom T-Shirts Provide the Best Solution for Promoting Your Business

There is a growing trend in business advertising and promotional wear and <a href="http://www.utitees.com/">custom t-shirts</a> are at the forefront of this movement. T-Shirts are the most common wardrobe items both for men and women. Promotional t-shirts are replacing more formal dress attire in many work settings. While many individuals are having trouble finding and keeping employment and businesses are struggling to make a profit, the apparel printing industry is gaining new customers as result of these difficult times.

Everyone Loves to Wear Customized T-shirt Showing Their Inner Personality

UTI Tees, Inc. is in the business of customize t shirts with new and innovative ideas for the t-shirts of your own choice.