VCO Systems, LLC

Supply Chain Variability Addressed by VCO Systems

LogoAccording to Vikrant Angia of Georgia-based VCO Systems, a canned supply chain solution will not work when customers demand a unique experience. Companies like Airbnb and Uber have revolutionized the hotel and transportation industries while owning little to no physical assets. Today's end customers demand that personal touch, which is difficult to offer through off-the-shelf supply chain solutions. Disruption requires thinking outside the box. VCO Systems builds an enterprise solution that represents a company's philosophy, and fits seamlessly with a unique business model.

VCO Systems Agile Methodology Delivers Tailored Apps on Time and on Budget

LogoAgile process empowers VCO Systems to deliver tailored applications on time and on budget. The company's software engineering team starts with an in-depth understanding of the business processes; a kaizen event. The focus is the next area with the biggest opportunity within these processes. The company rapidly delivers working software in shorter phases, receiving feedback from key stakeholders on a regular basis.

VCO Systems Light Solution Maximizes Distribution Center Space Profiled at MODEX 2018

LogoVCO Systems ( has designed a light solution that allows you to maximize distribution center space and resources, without creating unneeded infrastructure throughout the rest of the year. Mobile carts with light hardware can be brought in to scale throughput, then put away or re-purposed for other functions at other times. Combining decades of supply chain product development experience, VCO Systems provides e-commerce and Retail support through solutions for Putwall, Pick-To-Light, and Put-To-Light.

VCO Systems Uses Technology Stack in Materials Handling Applications

LogoAccording to materials handling ecommerce leader, VCO systems CEO, Vikrant Angia, utilizing the latest technology stack to build cloud based, mobile-enabled innovation platforms provides a state-of-the-art software solution. The framework allows the Georgia-based team flexibility and innovation, spending less time developing a foundation, and more time developing a custom-fit solution for customers' needs.

VCO Systems Innovative Light Systems Profiled in Automation Magazine

LogoVikrant Angia, VCO Systems' CEO and author of a recent article in, discussed how innovative, cloud-enabled light systems for ecommerce and retail verticals are the fastest growing automation elements to accommodate omni-channel capabilities.

VCO Systems Combines Picking Solutions to Improve Process Flows Including Returns Sortation and Building Prepacks

LogoPutwalls, Pick carts, Put-to-Light, and Pick-to-Light solutions by VCO Systems can each be combined for increased productivity. A pick cart solution for distributing inventory can be combined with a Put-to-Light solution so that both the source and destination locations are light-driven. The goal is to replace scans with light/button interaction for better throughput and accuracy. These solutions can also be used for other process flows like returns sortation, building pre-packs. Most operations are light-directed for distribution, packing and processes like cubby cleanout, hardware tests to maximize accuracy and productivity.