Virginia Loudoun

Traffic, Divorce Cases Trouble People of Loudoun, Virginia

Although Loudoun in Virginia has one of the lowest crime rates in the state, residents of the county are not spared from various legal issues like divorce and traffic violations.

Family Lawyers in Loudoun VA Ready for More Child Pornography Cases

The indictment of a Loudoun teacher for 50 counts of child pornography last February is not the end of the battle against such crime, according to a child pornography lawyer Loudoun Virginia. The indictment serves as a victory for family lawyers Loudoun Virginia who are credited for bringing such cases to light. However, many a Loudoun Virginia child pornography lawyer would say that there are more cases left untouched and yet to be publicized for various reasons.

DUI Attorney Loudon, Virginia Experts Offer DUI Legal Services

Drivers who were caught driving under the influence have much to thank for nowadays. A law firm, SRIS Law Group has just opened its doors for motor vehicle drivers charged with DUI. Once their lawyers represent a driver in court, he will likely be acquitted of the charge or will be given just a light sentence.