VisionArts Eyecare Center

Fun in the Sun Event in Fulton, MO on May 5, 2017

LogoEvery day of the year, whether it is sunny or overcast, we are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Most people know how harmful UV radiation is to their skin, but many people don't realize that UV radiation is also harmful to their eyes. If you expose your eyes to excessive amounts of UV, the short term effect is likely to be photokeratitis, which is a fancy word for sunburn of the eye. The symptoms can be painful and include redness, a gritty sensation, extreme sensitivity to light, and excessive tearing. Fortunately, these symptoms are usually temporary and rarely cause permanent damage. Unprotected exposure to UV radiation over long periods of time, however, increase the risk of developing more serious, and sometimes irreversible, issues such as cataracts, certain cancers of the eye, and macular degeneration.

Contact Lens Event in Fulton MO

LogoHave you ever been told you can't wear contact lenses or have you been unhappy with your contact lens experiences in the past? Dr. James Vann, optometrist at VisionArts Eyecare Center in Fulton, is an expert in helping hard to fit contact lens patients. Always on the cutting edge of technology, Dr. Vann has been prescribing specialty contact lenses for 27 years. In fact, Dr. Vann was chosen as CooperVision "Best Practice" for 2016 because of his progressive approach to fitting contact lenses. "Recent advances in contact lens technology now allow me to fit many patients who were previously unsuccessful wearing contacts," says Vann. "With developments in daily wear lenses, hybrid lenses, and other innovative designs we can now overcome many challenges that previously prevented patients from wearing contact lenses."

Visionarts Eyecare Center Brings Cutting Edge Tech to Missouri

LogoVisionArts Eyecare Center, a local optometric practice renowned for its forward thinking take on patient care, has recently announced the addition of its newest revolutionary piece of equipment, the Visioffice 2, which captures high resolution 3-D images of a patient's eyes, to provide advanced accuracy for the creation of personalized eyeglass lens, customized to each patient's unique visual needs.

Local Optometric Practice Brings Advanced Eyecare Tech to Fulton

LogoDr. James W. Vann of VisionArts Eyecare Center, a local Fulton optometric practice with a reputation for high-tech, forward thinking patient care, is proud to introduce the latest cutting edge technology in retinal imaging, the OPTOS Optomap wide-angle scanning device.

VisionArts Eyecare Center Named as Top Transitions Optical

LogoDr. J.W. Vann and his staff at VisionArts Eyecare Center in Fulton, MO, were recently recognized as one of the top three eyecare practices in America for 2014 by Transitions Optical. They were honored at the recent Transitions Academy, held January 26-28, in Orlando, FL.

Visionarts Eyecare Center Becomes the First Optometry Practice in Fulton, Missouri to Offer Screening for Early Detection of Diabetes as Part of Routine Eye Exam

LogoVisionarts Eyecare Center, a leading optometric practice in Fulton, Missouri has announced the arrival of the first device in the Fulton and Callaway County area to measure autofluorescence of the eye, a marker for uncontrolled glucose and diabetes. Cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) earlier this year, the ClearPath DS-120™ Lens Fluorescence Biomicroscope is a first-in-class, non-invasive tool designed to quickly and accurately measure autofluorescence through a six second scan of the crystalline lens of the eye. A significant number of independent peer-reviewed studies have suggested that elevated lens autofluorescence may be an early indicator of the presence of diabetes, and that measuring autofluorescence as a means of detection has the potential to catch diabetes up to seven years earlier than previous detection methods. Furthermore, unlike traditional forms of diabetes detection, no blood tests or fasting are involved and results are immediate.