Your Cosmic Orders Please!

Cosmic Ordering has been back on the menu recently with TV presenter, Noel Edmonds revealing how it helped him achieve his recent success and a dream home in France. Now you can place your Cosmic Orders online.

Underlining Metaphysical Links to Illness

A new campaign has been launched to underline the potential risks to health of ignoring mental, emotional and spiritual issues. A list of common ailments and their possible underlying metaphysical connections has been published online as part of an awareness drive.

Positive Affirmations Put Life Change On The Cards

The one concept that is common to virtually all self-help and success strategies is that of 'positive thinking'. Whether it is healing or simply wanting to improve life quality, both medical and scientific research demonstrate that a positive attitude is one of the key factors to achieving success.

Prosperity And Success On The Line

The fact that research shows a close link between personal success and a positive mental attitude, will come as no surprise to most people. But how many people apply this proven principle to their own lives? This principle is particularly evident in the area of personal prosperity and is borne out by the fact that many of the most successful and wealthy businessmen today exhibit a powerful sense of self worth and optimism.