VMukti Solutions Pvt Ltd

Vmukti Growing by Leaps & Bounds

“Fortune Favors the Brave” a saying that truly stands true for VMukti which started of as mere idea in the mind of the founder by a sanskrit shlok “Sa Vidya ya Vmukte” written on the walls of a Govt school in Rajasthan. It was ignited & was made more stronger by the thought provoking speech of our former President Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam with a challenge to bridge the great digital divide.

VMukti Helps in Redefine Current Private Education Industry

After half-a-century of being an exclusive club, the private education sector widely known as the coaching institutes will finally open their gates wider.

"Navkar Launches Virtual Class Room for CA education"

"Navkar Institute" one of the leading CA coaching institutes in India has launched virtual classroom for its students through VMukti's Interactive Streaming Solution.

VMukti’s Interactive Streaming and Broadcasting for Education Getting Acceptance Among the Industry Leader CIOs

VMukti was invited in the first ever EMERGE Product Showcase at the NASSCOM Product Conclave that took place on the 27th-28th of October 2009 at Bangalore.

VMukti Announces the Successful Implementation of Its Virtual Classrooms Across India

VMukti further said that they have successfully implemented its Virtual Classroom to various coaching centers across major cities including the interior districts and villages in India. VMukti Virtual classroom has given both the lectures and the students a real classroom type environment with its high definition video quality and unique features like query handling facility, presentation and whiteboard.

VMukti Announces Free Interactive Live Streaming

VMukti has announced free Interactive Live Streaming for 15 days through its Streaming Portal. VMukti Interactive Streaming is a unique feature of VMukti’s communication suite which provides you the personnel channels to share videos online. It provides you simple software to choose what you want to share.

Vmukti Launches Interactive Live Streaming Feature for Enterprise Training

VMukti launches its Interactive Live Streaming for Enterprise Training and E-learning. The Interactive Streaming allows both the trainer as well as trainee to interact through the all new features like raise hand, whiteboard, and presentation, audio& video interactivity and message board.

VMukti Signs MOU With PNP Academy for Funference- Live / Pre-recorded Video Streaming Solution

VMukti and PNP Academy has signed MOU for funference Live /Pre-recorded Video Streaming Solution on Sept 01, 09’. PNP Academy is a distance learning coaching classes that will penetrate into remote areas of Gujarat for giving services to students preparing for various competitive exams.

Video Calling at $20 Per Year and 200 Minutes International Calling Free Through VMukti Video Softphone

Now get the lowest price for video calling through VMukti’s Video Softphone. VMukti launches its Video Softhphone which is available at $20 per year and additional 200 minutes for international calling free. VMukti’s Video Softphone allows you to stay connected and manage your calls with both audio and video interactivity.

VMukti Releases New Open Source Version on Source Forge

VMukti releases the new, intensely tested and more stable version on the Source Forge, the largest Open Source applications and Software Directory. The new release takes care of all the feedbacks form the live users in the pilots. And it also comes up with new user interface.