VoiceZam Announces New Media Player for Professional Talent

LogoVoiceZam, a company dedicated to creating applications to assist professional talent in storing and showing off their demo tracks, announced it has developed a new media player with both audio and video capabilities.

VoiceZam Launches StraightShot: A Marketing Missile with Every Email

LogoVoiceZam adds a new component to its already feature-rich program, building more value for voice-actors in marketing and tracking their demos. The optional tool is called “StraightShot™”. It places clickable, customizable buttons on the user’s email messages, connecting the interested party directly to the talent’s website and playing the specific Voice Demo. StraightShot is easily composed from the existing VoiceZam interface, and incorporates other valuable program features like Zamtistics™. VoiceZam President and CTO, Bob Merkel says, “We call it “StraightShot” because it provides a 1-click trip, straight from your emails to your demos.”