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Vonco Medical Has Announced New Products to Include the Xccent Fitness Active Outdoor and Motion Wellness Systems

Vonco Medical leaders in physical therapy, rehabilitation and medical equipment sales and services has announced that it has grown its extensive inventory of new products to include the Xccent Fitness Active Outdoor and Motion Wellness Systems.

Fall Related Hospitalizations Are on the Rise in Texas

According to a study conducted by the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health hospitalizations are on a steady climb in the state of Texas for people 65 and older. The research states that nearly a third of this demographic group suffered a fall of some sort each year. The numbers are even steeper for woman and especially women in the age bracket of 85 years and older. An interesting finding of the study also concluded that there appears to be clusters in the statistics for falls in these age groups, primarily in areas that are lacking in fall prevention programs.

Vonco Medical Helps to Improve Patient Outcomes with the Biodex Balance System SD and Biodex SitStand Trainer

As one of the nation's leading providers of Biodex Senior Rehab and Mobility products, the team at Vonco Medical strives to help their more than 7500 customers better understand how leveraging the Biodex product line can help enhance the care of their patients and more importantly provide better patient outcomes. Tyler Oglesby, Sales Manager for Vonco Medical recently stated "Our team at Vonco Medical has years of experience in working with the entire Biodex product line. The products manufactured by Biodex such as the Biodex Balance System SD and their new Biodex SitStand Trainer are truly leading the way when it comes to improving patient mobility and decreasing falls."

Vonco Medical and Biodex Help Gamble Guest Care Upgrade Their Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation Centers

Shreveport, LA Vonco Medical a leading provider of new and quality pre-owned and refurbished physical therapy, rehabilitation and medical equipment sales and support and Biodex recently partnered to provide Gamble Guest Care in Shreveport, LA with a 2 day continuing education course in which professionals from both Vonco and Biodex as well as an expert occupational therapist were flown in to oversee the training. More than 50 physical therapist attended the event which unveiled a major upgrade to Gamble Guest Care's rehabilitation facilities to the latest in Biodex Balance and rehabilitation products.

Vonco Medical Provides the Latest Diathermy Equipment at Cost-Effective Prices

Since 1990 Vonco Medical has been one of a leading provider of physical therapy equipment, rehabilitation equipment and medical equipment. Vonco Medical provides the latest in new and preowned diathermy equipment at the industry's most competitive prices. Vonco Medical aims at serving their clients with more than 7500 rehabilitation facilities. With their combined sales experience of over 100 years, the company mainly focuses to treat their customers like a family, rather than just a number in the sales ledger.

Clients Can Now Find Shuttle MVP Product Lineup at Voncomed.com

Customers looking to find information about the Shuttle MVP lineup of products can find what they are looking for on voncomed.com/. Vonco Medical a leading provider of both new Shuttle MVP systems and quality pre-owned and refurbished Shuttle MVP systems offers end to end support in helping customers find the best product to fit their individual needs.

Vonco Medical a Provider of New and Refurbished Physical Therapy Equipment Launches Their New Website

Vonco Medical a Carrollton, TX supplier of new and refurbished physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment and leading distributor of Biodex products has recently announced the launch of their new website.

Vonco Medical Helps Body in Balance Physical Therapy Open New Clinic

Body in Balance PT has been serving the Fairfield community for 25 years and recently decided to expand their reach. Edy Hayashi-Mack and Thomas Mack opened a new facility in Vacaville, California and used Vonco Medical to help source their equipment needs. Body in Balance PT wanted to specialize and focus on treating orthopedic and neurological injuries. Body in Balance's sales representative at Vonco Medical, Chris Bryant, was able to consult with Edy and Thomas on equipment and how it fits into their clinic and practice. After consultation, they were able to combine new physical therapy equipment as well as refurbished physical therapy equipment to create a package for Body in Balance PT that will provide their patients with the highest quality of care.

Vonco Medical, Rehab & Fitness Is a Family Owned Business in Operation Since 1991

Vonco Medical, Rehab & Fitness is a family owned business in operation since 1991. They recently acquired a huge amount of pre-owned physical therapy equipment that is now available for sale. Fourteen tractor trailer truckloads of used equipment have arrived in their 33,000 square foot facility located in Carrollton, TX, adding to an already well stocked warehouse of new & pre-owned physical therapy equipment & supplies.

Vonco Medical Helps Tulsa Community College Providing the Latest in Biodex Physical Therapy Equipment

Vonco Medical was proud to help outfit the new Nate Waters Physical Therapy Clinic for Tulsa Community College. This facility will provide clinical learning possibilities for Tulsa CC’s PTA program along with servicing the Tulsa community. The Nate Waters Physical Therapy clinic is equipped with top of the line rehabilitation equipment including Biodex balance testing equipment, Biodex gait training/analysis treadmill, Biodex unweighing system and the Biodex Free Step system. This Biodex equipment will allow the students to offer state of the art rehabilitation techniques and analysis for their patients. The Biodex balance machine has a static and dynamic platform that provides fast and accurate fall risk assessment, athletic single leg assessment, postural and limits of stability assessment along with sensory integration of balance inputs. The Biodex gait trainer has an instrumented deck that monitors and records step speed, step length and distribution of leg placement left to right. The unit provides real time biofeedback of footfall compared to target step length. This real time biofeedback helps provide proper gait patterns for the patients.