W. Scott Smith

Scott Smith, the Peachstate Lawyer, Recognized as One of Georgia's Top Young Lawyers by Super Lawyers

LogoScott Smith of W. Scott Smith, P.C., the Peachstate Lawyer, has been recognized by Super Lawyers as one of Georgia's top young lawyers. It is the 4th consecutive year for which Mr. Smith has been honored in this fashion as one of Georgia's Rising Stars, a testament to his ongoing commitment towards being one of the best Atlanta DUI lawyers, and always serving the best interests of his clients as completely and successfully as possible.

Peachstate Lawyer Shining as a Leading Atlanta Drug Crime Defense Attorney

LogoDrug charges of all types are very serious in the state of Georgia. Regardless of the specific circumstances surrounding an arrest and a pending case, defendants need to protect themselves fully with an Atlanta drug crime defense attorney who has the experience, expertise and skill to produce beneficial outcomes even when the odds seem stacked in the other direction.

Atlanta DUI Lawyer Knows Crucial Strategies to Defend Clients Against Charges

LogoNo matter how it happened, it's a situation that nobody wants to be in -- an arrest has been made and now there is a great need for an Atlanta DUI lawyer to adequately protect the rights of an individual charged with a DUI or a directly related offense. It's crucial to find an experienced, leading attorney in this field who knows the best strategies to fully protect the rights of each client he or she works with.