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The Growing Importance of Technology in Conference Rooms

LogoIt is estimated that there are 2,571,700,018 internet users in the world and that every day we send more than one billion emails. This is more than double compared to ten years ago, and the surge in growth of mobile devices among consumers and in the workplace is evidence of our living in a digital age with immediate access to all kinds of content. This is a critical consideration for decision-makers in the workplace, but it is important to also consider this when booking a conference room or another external room for work-related purposes, says Ms Jimenez, "The growing adoption of mobile devices in the workplace, along with BYOD, means that employees expect to be able to take work out of the office and be productive. While the vast majority of conference rooms will have internet access, this can be limited, which can hamper productivity and frustrate attendees."

In the Midst of an Economic Downturn Conference Levels Are at a High

LogoMost businesses are struggling to stay afloat during the economic downturn as businesses and consumers alike tighten their purse strings. This is not the case for conference venues though as booking numbers have remained high throughout the recession. Much of this demand is because of the way companies are now doing business.

Meeting Room Hire on the Rise as Businesses Seek Greater Flexibility

Logo"Years of experience with large and small events has taught us that businesses now value their meeting space more than ever before." says Tosca Jimenez.

Conference Room Size Can Make or Break a Meeting

Logo"Aside from location, size is the most important factor to take into account when booking a conference venue." says Tosca Jimenez.