Web of Compassion

Salsa Dancers Respond to Deadly Natural Disaster Victims

LogoWeb of Compassion, Inc, a Princeton-based non-profit organization, with its slogan, “DANCE 4 GOOD”, spearheads a fund raiser, bringing together salsa dance professionals, teachers, and musicians to support victims of the recent devastating four near-simultaneous calamities in Asia Pacific- typhoon Ketsana with its torrential rains flooding Philippines and Vietnam in South East Asia, and a strong earthquake followed by a tsunami in American Samoan islands. The calamities have taken lives from across the region and have deeply sowed destructions of properties, economic hardships, devastations and chaos. The struggles continue as the floods remain until now. The disaster preparedness of government and non-government humanitarian groups is being tested as the challenges seem to be insurmountable. Mobilization for help across the globe is being sought.