WesBank CEO Pays Passenger Car Sales to Rise Just 2% in 2013

LogoThe WesBank Car of the Year winner for 2013 is the Porsche Boxter, as unveiled at a gala event held at the Sandton Convention Centre. The event, the 28th in its history, was once again judged by the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists and sponsored by WesBank.

WesBank Releases New Tips to Consumers for Reducing Monthly Car Expenses

LogoWith millions of South African consumers still under financial pressure in the current economic climate, managing the costs involved of owning and running a car can play a major role in reducing monthly expenses.

WesBank Releases 7 Steps Tips to Know About Vehicle Financing

LogoWhen it comes to buying a car, the financial considerations of owning your dream ride are just as important as the number of airbags, power steering or boot space for those long distance travels or monthly groceries.

WesBank Announces New Tips for How Businesses Can Avoid Petrol Card Fraud

LogoSouth African companies that own vehicles or operate fleets need to work proactively with their card issuer and implement strong preventative measures to avoid becoming the victims of petrol card fraud, which remains a major concern for businesses in the country.

The New Integrated Fleet System from WesBank Assists with Managing Risk

LogoWesBank’s FleetFine is one of the latest integrated web-based systems, which is designed to assist fleet owners to better manage their fleet. WesBank is a leading asset and vehicle finance provider in South Africa, and is well known for providing excellent fleet management products and services. Leading South African movable asset-based financier, WesBank, uses FleetFine, its latest integrated web-based system designed to assist fleet owners to manage the administration of driver fines and vehicle licences, as well as ensure compliance with AARTO (Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences) regulations.

WesBank Updates Tips for Buying a Car While Avoiding a Headache

LogoBuying a car shouldn’t be a headache even if you are considering private vehicle finance and buying a used car from an individual. WesBank has close on four decades of experience in providing vehicle and asset finance and are here to help make the private finance a seamless process.

WesBank Release New Figures Showing More SA Consumers Buying Green Cars

LogoData from leading asset-based financier, WesBank, reveals that the number of hybrid or ‘green’ cars it is financing for South African consumers is gradually increasing, but remains low as a percentage of total passenger vehicles financed.

WesBank Releases New Tips to Maintain a Clear Credit Record

LogoEnsuring that you have a clear credit record is the first and foremost step prior to applying for finance, as without a clear credit record your finance application will not be successful.

WesBank Releases New Tips for Consumers to Avoid ID Fraud

LogoLatest data from leading all-asset financier, WesBank, has revealed a marked increase in the number of consumers electing to fix the interest rate on their car loans when buying a vehicle. A rise in the number of incidents of ‘hula hoop’ schemes - where a business practice arranges to have the financing of a vehicle taken over by a third party - is leaving an increasing number of local consumers in serious financial straits.

WesBank Announces That Vehicle Sales Growth Are Strong in August, but Signs of Moderation (NAAMSA)

LogoWesBank are leaders in vehicle and asset finance and their reputation for providing tailor-made financial solutions is backed by over 40 years of experience. Find out more about the strong show of growth in new vehicle sales in August 2012 with commentary by Chris De Kock, Executive Head of Sales and Marketing at WesBank.