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Dr. Lee Uses the NTI Tension Suppression System to Relieve Severe Headache Pain

LogoThe NTI Tension Suppression System is a small removable plastic resin device which is worn over the front teeth at night to prevent contact of the canine teeth and molars. "The NTI works by reducing the force of the clenching. By minimizing the source of the pain, relief is usually seen within a few days," remarks Dr. Lee.

Dr. Lee Makes Parents Aware of the Need for Children's Dentistry at an Early Age

LogoA delayed first visit to the dentist can affect children's lifelong oral health. Dr. Jennifer Lee of West Mill Smiles encourages parents to bring their child in for the first dental visit between 24 and 36 months of age.

Dr. Jennifer Lee Explains TMJ to Patients

LogoDr. Lee of West Mill Smiles explains to her patients who suffer from Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJS) what it is and what causes it. Simply put, it is what happens when the muscles in the jaw and the temporomandibular joint are out of alignment or misaligned.

Dr. Lee Introduces Invisalign Express 5 to Her Patients

LogoDr. Lee of West Mill Smiles introduces Invisalign Express 5 to her patients who had never contemplated orthodontic treatment. A shorter treatment time and more cost-effectiveness compared to other Invisalign treatments, leaves no doubt that Invisalign Express 5 has the benefits that patients with minor orthodontic problems can expect.

Dr. Lee of West Mill Smiles Provides Relief for Patients Who Suffer from Sleep Apnea

LogoSnoring has an effect on 30% of people in America. Second-hand snoring, which means being kept awake or even having an individual's own rest disturbed by a snoring partner has an effect on approximately 73% of individuals that share a bed with someone who snores.

Dr. Jennifer Lee Endorses Dental Implants

LogoDental implants can bring about a good number of benefits. However, just like other types of oral surgery, dental implant placement requires a certain amount of training and experience that not every dentist is equipped with. Dr. Jennifer Lee of West Mill Smiles is among a group of dental professionals qualified to perform implant dentistry.

Dr. Jennifer Lee Provides CEREC One-Visit Crowns

LogoAnyone who has ever had to get a crown remembers the general procedure they had to undergo to get it placed.