Whitehouse Landscaping

Whitehouse Landscaping Offering Landscape Designs for Fall and Winter

LogoMost homeowners assume that fall and winter are off-limits as far as landscaping goes; after all, if no trees will grow and plants are primarily in their hibernating stage, what can be left to do? In reality, there are plenty of benefits to starting a landscaping project during the literal "off-season," and Whitehouse Landscaping, offering landscaping to Boyertown, PA and surrounding areas, is ready to help homeowners jump into spring with their new landscape fully planned and ready for action.

Whitehouse Landscaping Providing Patio Services to Chester County, PA

LogoContrary to popular belief, patio season is year-round, and not relegated to only the months of June, July and August! With the right installations, such as heat lamps and fire pits, patios can be an excellent source of family time and outdoor entertainment in every season.

Whitehouse Landscaping Offers Fall Leaf Removal and Garden Clearings

LogoSad though it may be, summer is rapidly coming to a close and taking with it such seasonal scenes as neighborhood barbeques, daytime swims and lushly green foliage. Grills can be packed up and pools closed, but when it comes to leaves falling from the trees, cleanup is unfortunately not so quick or easy – yet can cause many issues to a garden in the spring if not properly cleared in the fall. Whitehouse Landscaping, landscapers in Boyertown and surrounding regions, has announced that it is able to provide fall yard-clearing services to ensure the future health of clients' gardens.

Whitehouse Landscaping Offering Specials on Lawn Aeration and Overseeding This Fall

LogoAerating and overseeding lawns in the fall are essential parts of lawn maintenance, yet many homeowners skip the processes and, because they didn't know their importance, are surprised when their lawn returns patchily the next spring. Whitehouse Landscaping, which offers landscape design to Limerick, PA, and surrounding areas, has announced that it is offering several different deals on lawn aeration for this season and next.

Whitehouse Landscaping of Boyertown, PA, Now Offering Organic-Based Lawn Care

LogoOftentimes, homeowners dream of having a lush, green, well-tended lawn to complement their beautiful house and garden, but are afraid of lawn care companies employing the harsh chemicals and fertilizers that they associate with these services. Now, Whitehouse Landscaping of Boyertown, PA, is offering organic-based lawn care so that homeowners can have the lawn of their dreams while never having to worry about possible environmental or health effects caused by dangerous lawn care practices.

Whitehouse Landscaping Announces Refer-a-Friend Benefits to Current and Former Customers

LogoWhitehouse Landscaping, a landscaping and hardscaping company known in the area for its customer service and passion for the business, has announced that it would like to show its appreciation for satisfied customers spreading the word about its business. Whitehouse Landscaping is currently offering a $25 account credit to any customer who refers friends and family to the business.

Whitehouse Landscaping Offers Landscape Design in Chester County

LogoLate spring is the perfect time for landscape design in Malvern, PA, and other Chester County towns. The weather allows landscapers to complete projects on time, and the completion of a landscaping project in early summer lets Chester County homeowners enjoy their new outdoor spaces all season long. To meet the demand for landscaping services, Whitehouse Landscaping is now available for landscape design and installation in Chester County, PA.

Whitehouse Landscaping Now Offers Personal Gardener Service

LogoGrowing season has come to the Philadelphia area, which means that homeowners are finally ready to plant and tend to their home gardens. However, some homeowners may lack the proper knowledge or sufficient time to maintain a garden. To alleviate these problems, Whitehouse Landscaping, the leaders in organic lawn care in Malvern, PA, has announced that they offer a personal gardener service.

Whitehouse Landscaping Now Conducting Early Spring Organic Lawn Care Visits

LogoNow that spring has arrived, Whitehouse Landscaping reminds its lawn care program subscribers that the time for another lawn care visit has come. For new clients who want organic, sustainable lawn care, Whitehouse Landscaping has announced that they are now offering early spring visits as part of their organic law care program in Montgomery County, PA.

Whitehouse Landscaping Offers Advice on Flower Care After Snowfall in January Newsletter

LogoAfter the first significant snowfall of the year, many homeowners have noticed that their gardens appear to have taken quite a beating. Having invested a great deal of time and money into their flowers after last year's brutal winter, gardeners are cringing at the thought of more snow offsetting all of their hard work. Using their years of landscaping expertise, Whitehouse Landscaping has offered advice on flower care after snowfall in their January newsletter. Having spent dozens of winters in the Greater Philadelphia Area, they have developed strategies to prevent the inevitable snowstorms from ruining flowerbeds and shrubbery.