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Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile Completes Kitchen Remodeling Projects with Quality Stone Countertops

LogoAt Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile, kitchen and bathroom remodeling has never been made easier for homeowners who wish to update the appearance of their interior design. The building material supplier provides remodeling projects with furnishing materials that have the strongest impact on the room's design – the cabinets, countertops, and tiling. However, what the company is most known for is their stunning genuine stone countertops on the Main Line, such as marble and granite - which come available in a variety of colors and designs. With so many options to choose from, creating a lavish kitchen or bathroom atmosphere can be challenging and time consuming. But, Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile makes the process simple with their topnotch design services.

Stone Countertops Come with Lifetime Warranty at Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile

LogoWhen homeowners embark on a remodeling project for their bathroom or kitchen, they want to get the best value for their buy. So when it comes to gathering construction building materials such as stone countertops, quality and value matters. That's why Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile offers their gorgeous natural stone countertops with a lifetime warranty on the installation and slab designs. From granite and marble to onyx and limestone, the retailer has the perfect countertop surface to accommodate any interior design theme. Customers can visit the company's enormous showroom to view the countertop options in person.

Do-It-Yourself Tiling Projects Are Completed with the Materials of Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile

LogoThe winter season is the perfect time to embark on a do-it-yourself indoor home improvement project such as tiling. Tiling is easy to install and provides an element of the home with a unique, custom look. At Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile, the headquarters for quartz countertops in Philadelphia, various tiling materials by Daltile are available to order, including glass, metal, ceramic and stone. Homeowners can design their floor, backsplash, table or countertop with high-quality tiles to give the room an elegant atmosphere.

Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile Adds New Cabinetry Products to Showroom Inventory

LogoAs the main room where meal preparation and cooking takes place, the kitchen is often considered the heart of a home. But in order for it to be fully functional, it has to have all of the amenities required to make the kitchen useful, such as countertops, appliances and cabinets. Aside from retailing marble and granite in the Philadelphia region, Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile also provides high-quality cabinetry for kitchens and bathrooms. Recently, the company has added new cabinetry products to its showroom located in Ardmore, PA. Remodelers, designers and builders looking for cabinetry that will accommodate the interior design of their project can browse the vast selection available.

Discount Quartz Countertops Now Available at Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile

LogoMany homeowners prefer the contemporary look that quartz countertops provide because of their uniquely colorful surfaces. However, the prices of quartz countertops tend to be competitive with stone materials. Finding the right quartz countertop that will meet the remodeling budget is possible at the premium building materials retailer, Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile. The company is pleased to announce their quartz countertops are now 30% off, featuring a wide selection of gorgeous surfaces. The quartz countertop selection can be viewed by visiting their large showroom in Ardmore, PA.

Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile Retailing Wide Variety of Natural Stone Countertops This Fall

LogoShopping for a natural stone countertop is like judging a book by its cover; no two stone slabs are exactly alike. Matching a countertop's color and texture to the interior design of a kitchen or bathroom is vital to achieving an appealing atmosphere. At Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile, there is a natural stone countertop in their inventory to correspond with any interior design theme. This fall, homeowners can shop the wide selection of natural stone slabs available to accommodate the customized style of any room; the company has one of the biggest showrooms near Philadelphia for high-quality countertops.

Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile Provides High-Quality Granite Countertops for Remodeling Projects

LogoBecause the materials of a granite countertop surface are formed by molten rock that has been compressed for millions of years under the Earth, no two slabs are exactly alike. That's what makes granite countertops truly unique, whether they are installed in the bathroom or the kitchen. At Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile, homeowners looking to remodel their space can find high-quality granite countertops at the most affordable rates. With over a hundred different shades, textures and colors available, customers will be able to find the right granite countertop that will match their interior design.

Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile Presents Selection of Cabinets in Showroom

LogoWhen it comes to shopping for kitchen or bathroom cabinets, the best way to make a decision is by seeing the furniture in person. The granite countertop company of the Philadelphia region, Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile, is pleased to announce that they have a wide variety of brand name cabinetry presented in their showroom. Located in Ardmore, PA, the showroom features cabinets in many styles and finishes for customers to view. Sales associates of the company are available at the showroom to assist homeowners with selecting the right cabinets for their kitchen or bathroom design.

Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile Now Offering Free Quotes for Granite Countertops

LogoBudgeting a home improvement project is not always an easy task. Homeowners need a reputable source to obtain their new bathroom or kitchen features at a fair price. The materials and furniture supplier, Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile, are pleased to announce that they are offering free quotes for their services, including granite countertops. The company is an experienced granite and marble retailer that has been serving the Philadelphia area for over 15 years. Homeowners in need of a trustworthy granite countertop supplier can rely on the expertise of Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile to provide them with a valid quote.

Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile Now Offering a Wide Selection of Granite Countertop Shades

LogoWhen it comes to selecting a granite countertop for the interior design of a kitchen, color is important. Granite countertops can reflect or absorb light depending on the shade, which can affect the hue of the kitchen atmosphere. Having a variety of color options to select from can help determine the right choice of shade for the countertop because it provides a basis for comparing. The wholesale granite countertop company, Wholesale Granite, Marble & Tile, Inc., has a range of granite textures and colors available to view online and in their showroom. Homeowners in need of granite countertops for their home improvement project can browse over a hundred shades available at the company.