Whoopass Enterprises

Whoopass Enterprises Teams with ZombieMe to Create Custom Zombie Bobbleheads

Zombies have become iconic in popular culture, and a recent Facebook craze of zombifying ones face has made ZombieMe, the original concept creators, into a highly successful and profitable enterprise. On the other side of the web, Whoopass Enterprises were creating high quality custom bobbleheads that allowed people to turn themselves into a novelty figurine. These powers have now combined to bring the ultimate Christmas gift to the market- a personalized, zombified bobblehead figurine that can represent friends and family in an undead light.

Whoopass Enterprises Launches Custom Bobbleheads to Celebrate Special Occasions

Bobbleheads are an amusing item to have in the office or in the back of the car. After the first bobbleheads were produced it was not long before effigies emerged of the famous and talented. Having a bobblehead figure in one’s own image was once considered a mark of fame and celebrity, and now that same feeling can be enjoyed by anyone thanks to the amazing work done by Whoopass Enterprises, a company that have chosen to specialize in the custom bobblehead- with a huge catalog of figurines that can be topped by a fully customized face.