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Law Office of John C. Prezas Announces Free Initial Consultations

LogoThe Law Office of John C. Prezas, which is a Williamson County Criminal and Juvenile defense law office, is happy to announce that it will be offering free initial consultations to those who think they may need a criminal or juvenile lawyer. These initial consultations can be valuable for determining how likely a favorable outcome might be.

Wilco Criminal Lawyer Blog Updated with ALR Hearing Request Information

LogoWilco Criminal Lawyer, the website of prominent Georgetown, Texas lawyer John C. Prezas, has announced an update to its blog regarding information on how to request an ALR hearing. The Williamson County blog regularly offers a glimpse at the expertise of the Law Office of John C. Prezas.

Central Texas' Top "Defenseman" Takes on Hockey

LogoIntermission has just gotten a little more interesting! As part of a new ongoing monthly series, acclaimed Central Texas attorney John C. Prezas will conduct interviews during one Texas Stars’ game a month. Hockey fans will be excited to learn that their favorite defenseman will be at the center of attention on the Jumbotron as the player goes one on one with Prezas.

The Law Office of John C. Prezas Providing Expert DWI Defense Help in Central Texas

LogoThe Law Office of John C. Prezas, PLLC, located in Georgetown, Texas, is currently supplying top-flight defense services for individuals charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in Williamson County, Travis County, and surrounding vicinities. Attorney Prezas’ able legal assistance in DWI cases provides important guidance to clients whose rights were violated by illegally performed stops, vehicle searches, field sobriety tests, or other related law enforcement actions and procedures that are closely regulated by law.

Attorney John C. Prezas Releases DWI Survival Tips for Williamson County, Texas Residents

LogoAttorney John C. Prezas, a leading DWI defense attorney in Williamson County, Texas, has announced the release of his DWI Survival Tips, a tip sheet designed to help drivers preserve their rights in the event that they are pulled over on suspicion of DWI. The survival tips include what information a driver must disclose to an officer, whether or not a field sobriety test must be taken, and reminders about the requirements pertaining to breath and blood tests.