Willence Enterprise

Willence Launches Fun PreciShock Bug Zapper on Amazon to Create Non-Toxic Insect-Free Zones

LogoWith technology designed to sidestep the toxicity of bug sprays, Willence Enterprise announces a product relaunch. Now on Amazon at a discount, the PreciShock Bug Zapper is a 3,000- volt handheld zapping racket that offs small and large bugs with a swat. Yes, that's right, large bugs take a lethal hit too. In the shape of a tennis racquet, the high-powered handheld bug zapper is a fun, decisive, on-point strategy. Multi-tasking at its best, users can practice their swing and win the battle against bugs and wasps at the same time. With a bug killer bonus, they can also forever shelve bug sprays that are reported to cause brain cell damage.