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Williams Lift Co. Now Installing Quality Stair Lifts to Residents of New Jersey

LogoMany individuals see their mobility begin to wane as they increase in age. There are a variety of reasons—whether health or not—climbing stairs and walking down ramps cause discomfort. To allow individuals to maintain their sense of independence and get up and down the stairs with ease, Williams Lift Co. is announcing their services for installing high-quality stair lifts in New Jersey. With years of experience, customers can trust the experts to provide them with the comfort of maneuvering through the house.

Williams Lift Co. Now Offering Modular Ramps for Customer Convenience

LogoWhen individuals increase in age and begin to experience knee problems, mobility becomes a concern. Moving in a wheelchair or scooter is much more comfortable, but stairs, doorways, and maneuvering down porches is stressful and exhausting. For the convenience of their customers, Williams Lift Co. is announcing the availability of modular ramps. The high quality ramps are reliable to support individuals, allowing those requiring assistance to maintain their independence in all aspects of life.

Williams Lift Co. Now Offering Battery Powered Stair Lifts for Increased Mobility

LogoAs individuals get older, the walk up and the down the stairs becomes painful on the knees or hips, and is increasingly more difficult. Statistics show that walking up and down stairs is one of the leading causes for falls for people of any age. More than one-third of people over the age of 65 fall each year, resulting in numerous trips to the hospital. For the convenience of their customers and to alleviate the joint pain from constantly walking up and down the stairs, Williams Lift Co. is pleased to announce they are now offering battery powered stair lifts for easy transportation in the home.

Williams Lifts Co. Offers New Tips on How to Choose Between Renting and Purchasing a Stairlift

LogoWilliams Lifts Co. is pleased to offer new tips for customers that are deciding between renting or purchasing a stairlift. Having a stairlift installed in a home can completely change the accessibility of the home for its users.

Williams Lift Co. Now Offering Portable Wheelchair Ramps

LogoWilliams Lift Co. is pleased to announce they are now offering portable wheelchair ramps. These ramps, known as Suitcase Ramps, come in a variety of sizes from 2 feet to 8 feet in length.

Williams Lifts Now Offering Free in-Home Estimates

LogoWilliams Lift Co., a leader in stairlifts in New Jersey, is pleased to announce they are now offering free in-home estimates for all stairlifts and ramps. Before selling a home due difficulty with the stairs, consider adding a stairlift or a ramp to a home.

Williams Lift Co. Now Offering Buy-Backs

LogoWilliams Lift Co., a leading provider of wheelchair rental in NJ and portable ramps in NJ, is pleased to announce they are now offering a buy-back program for all gently used stairlifts. The buy-back program allows Williams Lift Co. to purchase gently use stairlifts, recondition them to perfect condition, and sell them at a discounted price.

Williams Lifts Co. Now Offering Acorn Stair Lifts This July

LogoGetting old isn’t easy, and simple tasks such as traveling up stairs, opening doors, and getting around the house get more difficult, which is why Williams Lifts Co. came up with a solution to now offer the Acorn stair lift this July. These surgical lifts from NJ are a great way to prevent any accidents from occurring when going up and down the stairs. With the Acorn stair lift, they are specifically designed with every safety consideration in mind.

Williams Lifts Co. Is Now Offering the Bruno Vertical Platform Lift to Help Balance Convenience and Safety

LogoWilliams Lifts Co. is now offering the Bruno Vertical Platform Lift to help balance convenience and safety. For those who rely on a wheelchair in order to move around, they may benefit highly from the use of a Williams Lifts Co. Bruno Vertical Platform in order to access their home. Whether someone needs the vertical lift due to old age, handicapped, or a long-term injury, they will greatly benefit from the ease and convenience of these lifts in North Jersey.

Williams Lifts Co. Now Offers Mobility Devices That Promote Healthier, Happier Lives

LogoFor those who live with a disability, they may have many limitations to what they can do around the house. With Williams Lifts Co.’s ramps of NJ or used chair lifts, a person will now be able to experience a healthier, happier lifestyle in New Jersey. Their products will give anyone the ability to gain a sense of independence to maneuver around their home and even from floor to floor easily. With their mobility equipment, one can choose the best options and models that will suit all of their needs.