Kitchen Brand WonderEsque Announces Launch of the First Truly 100% Leak-Proof Bento Lunch Box

LogoWhen a person hears "lunch box" most of the time they think of cheap boxes, themed off of a cartoon, movie or comic book character. Thanks to WonderEsque, that's no longer the case. Recently, the company announced the launch of the WonderEsque Bento Lunch Box, a premium quality 100% leak proof lunch box container with four sections for both kids and adults. The WonderEsque Bento Lunch Box is available in dark blue and can be bought at Amazon.com.

Health-Conscious Consumers Are Trending Toward Maintaining Their Clean Eating Habits Even on Vacation

LogoThe spiralizing machine has been on a roll for the past 2–3 years, being featured not once, but multiple times on the Ellen Show, one of the most important TV Shows hosted by a vegan figure, clean-eating and health-preoccupied celebrity.

Chefs Across America Report a New Trend in Successful Catering: Spiralizing Fresh Vegetables

LogoIn the past years, American people have started to care more and more about healthy nutrition and eat more vegetables. Chefs have always succeeded in creating healthy and delicious recipes with vegetables which dazzle us with their creativity. And although these shapes and textures may appear really complicated and hard to obtain, chefs across US report that the secret behind many of their extravagant veggie culinary shapes and textures is the WonderVeg Tri Blade Spiralizer.

Amazon Customers Discovered a Fun and Innovative Way to Lower Their Electricity Bill

LogoWonderEsque, the company producing the "Light of Thrones" Motion Activated Toilet Night Light, reveals that a large majority of their customers use their product to save on electricity. Their customers reveal that they depend a lot on the smart-home device for saving on the electricity bill.

New Compact Tri Blade Spiralizer by WonderEsque to Solve the Space Problem for Small Kitchens

LogoMany people struggle between having a well stocked kitchen and a kitchen that's just a bit too crowded with extra kitchenware to comfortably get things done. One essential kitchen product, notorious for taking up too much counter or closet space is the vegetable spiralizer. Fortunately, kitchen product innovators WonderEsque pride themselves on listening to customer concerns and are answering the call in a fun and functional way with the launch of the new WonderEsque Tri Blade Spiralizer. The new product not only makes perfect vegetable spirals of all kinds, but also easily comes apart into multiple pieces for simple storage. Customers couldn't be happier with the news.

Wonderesque Joins Forces with Influencer Cook at Home Mom for the Ultimate 3 Kitchen Appliances-Bundle Giveaway

LogoWonderEsque, renowned kitchen brand with focus on edgy, influential kitchen gadgets, is joining forces with Instagram influencer Cook at Home Mom to showcase an epic united giveaway on Instagram.

WonderEsque Announces Exciting Launch of "Light of Thrones", a Fun Motion Activated Toilet Night Light Perfect for Potty Training

LogoPotty training can be a challenge, with one of the big steps being the child learning to go to the toilet themselves to pee during the night. In pretty exciting news for parents, innovative house and kitchen brand WonderEsque recently debuted a breakthrough product that can be a huge help in this area and a resource that could really speed up potty training a child in many instances. Enter the "Light of Thrones", a multicolored motion activated toilet night light that makes potty training cool and fun.

Amazon Customers Using a Tri-Blade Spiralizer Report Great Success in Getting Kids to Eat More Veggies

LogoIf children are the future, it makes very good sense to keep them as happy and healthy as possible. Diet and exercise is a big part of this. WonderEsque are doing their best to help, recently announcing they have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback for their WonderVeg Tri Blade Vegetable Spiralizer from parents, who use the product to make zoodles for their kids – a smart, healthy alternative to pasta that can help prevent their children from becoming obese.

WonderEsque Celebrates Success of New WonderVeg Spiralizer in Eliminating Common Flaws of Competing Brand's Products

LogoThe spiralizer is certainly a breakthrough when it comes to finding ways to add more vegetables to a family's diet in fun and interesting ways. Unfortunately, nearly everyone on the market has been criticized for being "flimsy" and easy to break. Cutting edge kitchenware company WonderEsque has answered the call for a solution to this problem, with recent release of the WonderVeg Tri Blade Spiralizer, designed by an expert team to not only produce amazing quality spiralized vegetables of all kinds, but to also be rugged enough to take whatever a kitchen has to offer.

The Revolutionary Tri Blade Spiralizer by WonderEsque Retains One Full Year of #1 TOP Rated Spiralizer on Amazon.com

LogoWith a best rating of 4.7 stars on Amazon, the WonderEsque Compact Vegetable Spiralizer concludes a full year as being the # 1 TOP RATED Tri Blade Spiralizer on Amazon.com. It has become a viral hit on Amazon.com, both well reviewed and leading in sales in its category. The brand has been quick to credit their very loyal and vocal customer base for this unexpected level of success.