Woodbury Reports

The Pro's and Con's of a Therapeutic Experience Abroad

LogoThe advantages of cultural immersion in a therapeutic environment abroad, to concerns of how risks are minimized, and the specifics parents should do to make a placement with a successful outcome.

Protecting Kids from Online Predators

LogoWith 20 years in law enforcement and a major focus on online criminal behavior, Detective Wistocki talks about the various criminal behavior on the Internet from Bullying to Sex Trafficking, and numerous scams in between.

Little Acts of Courage, the Small Steps

LogoRob Neilson talks about how his interest in Karate, hypnotherapy and teens with emotional and behavioral problems led him to establish Cedar Ridge Academy 16 years ago, a therapeutic boarding school.

Transporting Teens to a Better Future

LogoAllen Cordoza of West Shield Investigations recalls his early career experience as a 19-year-old discovering a runaway girl being exploited by the sex trade in this country.

The Miracle of Wilderness Therapy

LogoSanchez and Olsen talk about their pioneering experience in developing the basic concepts of wilderness therapy in a BYU program in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Their work is usually credited as the original work developing wilderness therapy programs.

Professionals: a Matter of Public Trust

LogoHow the basics of professionalism in working with struggling teens is putting the needs of the child first, and the ways that NATSAP and IECA are enhancing professional conduct to the members.

Molding Young Adult Recovery Through Creative Arts

LogoA studio grade Olympic Freedom Kiln was delivered to the Sober College Visual Arts Studio beginning the Ceramics Therapy Program. Art therapy is used to take a student out of the "traditional" therapeutic environment of one-on-one or group therapy.

The Myth of Military Schools

LogoThe myth that military schools are for misbehaving teens and that the mission of military schools is to take kids who are floundering and using a military structure to provide quality academics and leadership skills in preparation for college.

Academics in a Therapeutic Setting

LogoTo get the discussion started today on Lon Woodbury’s Internet Talk Radio Show "Parent Choices for Struggling Teens" January 16, 2012 on LATalkRadio at latalkradio.com, Lon shared with today’s guest, Bryan Tomes, the Executive Director of Asheville Academy for Girls that in the past academics at therapeutic boarding schools have “taken a backseat” or been somewhat mediocre, with an exception to a very few. But as Bryan shared, “there has been a historic shift in therapeutic schools and programs offering more sophisticated academics, in addition to seeing that “school” is one of the many areas in which the student’s behaviors arise.”

Treating the Whole Family for Adolescent Substance Abuse

LogoFamily Therapist and Parent Educator at Trails Carolina, a Wilderness Therapy Program in North Carolina, talk about how adolescent substance abuse impacts the whole family and the help the rest of the family need for everyone to heal.