WordSecure, LLC

WordSecure Announces Security Product Enhancements for 2011

WordSecure, LLC, a qualified leader in secure messaging products, announced the following functional and security enhancements to all of their secure email messaging systems

Security Firm Provides Secure Email Messaging Service Free to Charities

With computer hacking, medical fraud, and identity theft at an all-time high, charitable organizations have an even greater responsibility to those they serve to keep their information confidential. Now that essentially every economic group in America has access to and is actively using the internet, non-profit rape crisis centers, homeless shelters, and medical clinics need efficient, modern ways to keep electronic communications safe and provide accountability. One Colorado internet company is providing a simple solution to charities, allowing them to encrypt free of charge their most sensitive emails among volunteers, staff, and the people they serve.

New Product Alliance Addresses Business Needs for HIPAA Compliance With Encryption Suite Package

HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, and other federal laws pertaining to privacy have become a growing concern for businesses both big and small. The government has begun enforcing new, actionable privacy protection laws to guard consumers' financial, personal health, and employment records. Throughout the US, online stores, banks, insurance companies, healthcare providers, universities, SMBs, and government agencies must implement and prove proper security measures to provide their customers with secure access. This leaves many scrambling to comply - or pay big fines if they don't.