WORKMASTER Offers Equipment for Opening Hopper Cars

WORKMASTER, based out of Malvern, Pennsylvania, manufactures and distributes equipment to make bulk material handling and transportation jobs simple, safe and fast. Their products include hopper car vibrators, hopper car connectors and vacuum mount vibrators, among others. For customers whose operations entail unloading railcars or hopper cars, which is one of industry's most dangerous and difficult jobs, WORKMASTER offers a comprehensive line of hopper car gate openers.

WORKMASTER Introduces Perfect Pour 5-Gallon Bucket

WORKMASTER, the equipment source for solving some of the industry's toughest, dirtiest and least safe jobs for over three decades, is proud to introduce their Perfect Pour 5-Gallon Bucket. This revolutionary and patented design breaks the bucket mold by finally making the standard five-gallon pail user-friendly and easy to wield.