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World Wide Invest Creates VIP Subscription for Live Updates That Will Give Forex Traders the Edge

The forex market is open to anyone, and is responsible for the trade of some of the world's most valuable commodities. Unlike regional trading markets the forex market never closes, offering people far greater opportunity to take advantage of the sudden fluctuations that can help people accumulate fortunes. World Wide Invest is an online Forex forum and community for traders to gather and exchange ideas, advice and more, it has now launched a VIP subscription service entitling privileged users to priority updates.

World Wide Invest Updates It's List of Forex Broker Reviews for Traders

Foreign exchange trading, or Forex, is one of the most fruitful markets for many individuals because it plays by a different set of rules to most trading markets and never closes, as well as being responsible for the majority of the money transfers in the world through major industries like energy and technology. In order to trade on the Forex market individuals must have a broker, and nowadays a broker is more often a software than a person. Not all of these brokers are created equal, and World Wide Invest hosts a sub forum full of Forex broker reviews to help find the best on the market.

World Wide Invest Forums Play Host to Controversial New Trading Method

In 2012, astrologist WD Gann proposed a controversial method for predicting the markets using astrological signs. What began as a single post on the World Wide Invest forums has now over the course of the last year expanded into a full sub forum filled with extraordinary levels of discussion on how the star signs affect the worldwide stock market. The forum includes everything from important and significant dates to watch out for in the calendar to five day horoscopes looking at major trends.