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Chlamydia Infection in Men and Women Can Be Terminated by Two New Herbal Medicines Without Side Effects, States Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic

LogoAccording to the medical survey showed by Appleton health report, chlamydia cases have more than doubled in Appleton during the past decade. The city health report card shows 277 chlamydia cases in 2013, up to 129 in 2003. Chlamydia infection has been the most common sexually transmitted disease in United States. And because chlamydia has no obvious symptoms, it has been widely spread. Even worse, some diseases like prostatitis, cystitis, male and female infertility can also be induced if the chlamydia is left untreated. Thus, it is necessary to find an effective chlamydia infection treatment. According to the clinical statistics, the TCM treatment, especially the two new herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill (for men) and Fuyan pill (for women) works on chlamydia naturally and effectively. Especially, the two new herbal medicines have good effect to the patients who have the chlamydia for long time and hardly cured by antibiotics.