XICOMM Secures Future in Telecom with AI Technology

LogoArtificial intelligence (AI) is making its way through many industries as more companies invest in technology. In fact, reports from 2016 predicted that corporate investments in AI technology would increase to 300 percent in 2017. As a result, AI technology has become a serious conversation across various industry sectors worldwide—and the telecom industry is one of them. The telecom industry is considering AI technology to help deliver a better customer experience through improved network performance and reliability.

XICOMM Continues to Dominate the Telecom Industry by Supporting IoT

LogoIn the last five years, the combination of social media and the overwhelming number of devices has opened up new mediums of communication, which has impacted many industries and how businesses operate, including the telecom industry. In fact, according to an article published by The Economic Times, there will be 28 billion devices connected to the Internet by the year 2020.

XICOMM Provides Quality, Efficient, and Ethical Innovative Services

LogoThe digital economy has changed considerably in the last decade and has significantly impacted society and the ways we live and conduct business. Although technology has streamlined and automated many repetitive tasks, and has made our lives easier and has streamlined communication, technology certainly isn't without its controversy. As a result, many companies in the telecom industry have established technological ethics.

XICOMM Provides Prime VoIP Connections

LogoAlthough the telecom market has changed considerably in the last decade, it continues to be at the core for growth and new innovations. Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one area of communications that has shifted from communicating via a landline connection to a digital network, and is also an example of how the telecom market has expanded exponentially.

XICOMM Expands State-of-the Art Technology in 2017

LogoThis year has been a pivotal and transformational year for the telecom industry. With a huge focus on network security and the continued growth and enhancement of technology, the need for businesses to work with a reputable network provider is of the utmost importance in 2017.

XICOMM Prepares for Transformational Year for Network Security

LogoOne of the biggest trends in the telecommunications industry today is security. In a day and age when the news and media are filled events involving data breaches, security attacks, and compromised networks, businesses of all shapes and sizes are taking security measures seriously, especially when it selecting their next service and/ or network provider.

XICOMM Provides Cloud-Switching Services and Solutions for Businesses

LogoThe world of information technology is constantly growing, shifting, and changing. As a result, the demand for small- and medium-sized businesses to adopt and implement communications and networking solutions for operations and to improve customer interactions and experiences are of the utmost importance. However, these solutions can be costly, which can hurt a business' bottom line and even push out its chances for further growth, development, and success.

XICOMM Provides Businesses with Telecom Services and Solutions

LogoSmall- and medium-sized businesses recognize the importance of reliable and dependable communication today. In a digitally driven world that is powered by advanced networks, interconnects, and being in a constant "connected" state, communication is more important than ever for day-to-day operations and future growth.

XICOMM Makes Communications Easier for International Companies

LogoOne of the most crucial aspects of managing a fully functional and operative entity today is communications. Communications has made the world smaller and operating a business easier. XICOMM, LLC, the global communications provider has helped contribute to the revolution of telecom and communications, and has helped businesses interconnect with various carriers all over the world, making communications across countries easier.

XICOMM Offers High-Quality VOIP Services for Businesses

LogoIn today's digitally-driven world, every consumer and business likely uses some form of mobile communications technology and data service. As a result, the demand for on-the-go mobile technology and communications services is higher than ever before, ultimately rendering "land lines" and fax lines obsolete. Although many consumers and businesses still rely on a phone line, dropped calls and "out of service" areas can make completing a call incredibly frustrating.