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SMAO, the Smallest Drone in the World, Has Successfully Raised 87 Thousand Dollars by Crowd-Funding on Indiegogo

Recently, a drone named SMAO has accomplished its crowd-funding on the Indiegogo platform successfully, which has received support from 981 Backers and realized 870% of the setting goal by raising 87,060 dollars.

The World's First Game Somatosensory Gun-Type Gamepad Will Be Launched on Indiegogo on August 15th

The development of mobile device technology has enabled people to experience more exquisite screens and better fun in mobile phone or pad games. However, there is still a common problem for mobile device games, which is that most game operation buttons are all on screen. This problem has caused weaker immersion of a game, and the dirty screen will affect operation feedback on games, in which shooting games, fighting games and racing games will be the "Most Obvious".

Gaining Support from 500 Backers, and Completing 430% of the Funds Raising Goal

Indiegogo platform launches a product of explosion model once again today. The drone named SMAO gains the support from 500 backers and completes 430% of its funds raising goal. It is rare to see such a popularity in the hot drone market.

The World's Smallest Camera Drone-SMAO Will Raise Funds on July 3 at KICKSTARTER

Bobcat technology will launch the world's smallest camera drone named SMAO and begin to raise funds on July 3 at KICKSTARTER platform. And the cost would be $79, which is around one fouth of the price for majoy brands on market.It has some different features. People can take the drone out from pocket and throw it into the sky, control its flying traces using mobile phone screen or gravity sensing. It can fly through the narrow gap or complete the 360-degree stunt rotating. Its 2K camera can meet your high-definition photographing and camera shooting demand, and it can also be converted to the operator's eyes by virtue of VR glasses.