Xtreme Air 5k

The Most Fun Inflatable 5k Orlando Has Ever Seen Is Coming Soon

LogoThis year, the most epic inflatable 5k Orlando has ever seen will be bouncing into town! On November 12th, XtremeAIR 5k will be hosting a 5k inflatable obstacle course that is fun for the whole family! This is an all-ages, all-fitness levels event that will be unlike any other Orlando 5k. What makes this race different than others? Not only will this Orlando 5k release the inner child of all who participate as runners bounce from obstacle to obstacle, but they will reap the benefits of a day of exercise without having to train for hours on end before the race. Runners, experienced and amateurs, can come as they are without having to worry about being the best or fastest participant. No special athletic ability is required for this event, just bring a fun attitude and laugh it up as you enjoy this Orlando 5k obstacle course. Walk, run, hop, skip, or jump to the finish, the important thing is to have fun!

The Bounciest Pittsburgh 5k Is Coming This October

LogoAttention Pittsburghers! Looking for something new and fun to do this fall season? On Saturday, October 1st, a fun-for-the-whole-family event is going on at the South Park Fairgrounds! The XtremeAIR 5k obstacle race is a new kind of running event that can be enjoyed by all: young and old, fast and slow, and everyone in between! 5k races in Pittsburgh will never be the same after this one. The top priority of this Pittsburgh 5k is to have fun with friends and family and leave the competitive side at home. This makes the XtremeAIR 5k the perfect event for any occasion! Birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family reunions, and more hosted at this event will ensure a blast will be had by all. Brides and maids of honor can take on grooms and best men. Moms and dads can race the kids while bosses take on staff at the ultimate team outing! No matter the occasion, XtremeAIR 5k has made the most unique of any 5k races in Pittsburgh.

The Bounciest Lexington 5k Is Headed Your Way

LogoLooking for something fun to do in Lexington, Kentucky? On Saturday, September 10th, 2016 the most awesome, hot-to-trot Lexington 5k that has ever hit your city is happening! How could a 5k be that much? This is unlike any other 5k in Lexington, it is an all-ages inflatable obstacle course race that combines extreme fitness with a circus of inflatable houses! Why not end summer with a bang (or bounce!) at the XtremeAIR 5k race?!

5k Runs in Wisconsin Have Never Been This Bouncy

LogoWhat comes to mind when thinking about a 5k race? Maybe the daunting task of training for weeks on end? Perhaps enduring a boring day better spent at home catching up on yard work? Fortunately, none of that will cross participants' minds with this Oshkosh 5k race. XtremeAIR 5k has made it possible to get everyone of all ages involved in a sporty yet fun event where everyone can have fun and be fit. 5k runs in Wisconsin have never been this exciting!

Get Ready, Get Set - BOUNCE in This Epic 5k in Iola

LogoFor all the Iola residents that haven't heard – get ready to be amazed, excited, and have a total blast at this new 5k in Iola! Participants are encouraged to wake up that inner-child, grab a friend, and spring into a bouncing good time this August.

The Bounciest Indianapolis 5k Is Coming to White River State Park

LogoHey, Indianapolis! Scratch whatever is going on August 20th because there is an incredible, fun-filled and high-energy event happening at White River State Park. This is going to be the most fun of all 5k runs in Indianapolis! Think this is a typical, run-of-the-mill Indianapolis 5k? Think again. The team at XtremeAIR 5k has a whole new way of showing participants how to work up a sweat while having a bouncing good time. Runners are encouraged to bring friends and family, form a team and have fun while enjoying the outdoors. This is not a test of extreme physical endurance or a dare-devil style obstacle run with fire and mud pits. This is for fun-loving people of all ages and physical abilities that want to run in a 5k without the intimidation factor. Whether it be an upcoming birthday, work outing, family reunion or anything in between, the XtremeAIR Indianapolis 5k is the place to be!

The Bounciest Milwaukee 5k Is Headed to Veteran's Park This August

LogoOn August 6th 2016, get ready for one of the most fun and adventurous 5k races Milwaukee has ever seen. This 5k race is really all about having fun and not about getting the fastest time. Fun for the whole family, other 5k runs in Milwaukee just don't compare to this exciting, enjoyable, inflatable 5k! 12 bouncy inflatable obstacles lay across the gorgeous lakefront of Milwaukee's Veteran's Park. Whether it be a family outing, a friend's birthday, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or work outing, this is definitely the place to shake things up! No matter what the occasion may be, the team at XtremeAIR 5k made it possible to get out in the community and keep active while having the most fun doing it! No daunting, dangerous obstacles are involved, participants won't need to train for months in advance, and all ages are welcome! XtremeAIR 5k racers are encouraged to relax, have fun, and go at their own pace. Make it as challenging or as easy as possible, without the pressure of beating an opponent. So let loose and try something different this summer at the XtremeAIR Milwaukee 5k!

The XtremeAIR Inflatable Obstacle Course 5k in Minneapolis Is Coming June 25th

LogoCalling all runners (and non-runners) of all fitness levels alike! Minneapolis 5k runs have never looked this fun. This isn't your typical fun run that prides itself on messy paint and muddy obstacles, this is the XtremeAIR 5k! On June 25th 2016, participants of all ages and fitness levels will get to experience a whole new way to run a 5k. The XtremeAIR 5k inflatable obstacle course offers an exciting way to keep fit while actually enjoying this 5k in Minneapolis. Bounce, roll, and charge through these fun inflatable obstacles with friends and family. In most Minneapolis 5k runs, endurance, stamina, and competition are the main priorities among participants but at the XtremeAIR 5k, having fun is number one!

The Bounciest St. Louis 5k You've Ever Seen

LogoThe most fun 5k obstacle course race is coming to St. Louis on June 18th! Participants will have the chance to not only get in a great work out, but to awaken their inner-child and join the most adventurous, candid event in St. Louis. Past and present 5k runs in St. Louis have never been this wild, this exciting, and this bouncy! All ages and fitness levels are welcome to enjoy the XtremeAIR 5k. Participants can go as fast, or as slow as they want. The XtremeAIR 5k can be a challenging race to the finish but, for those who may not be in top physical shape, walking is totally acceptable! Children 12 and older and at least 4 feet tall are encouraged to join in the fun, making this the ultimate family outing. Spectators can cheer on friends and family from the sidelines, free of charge, so bring the whole gang!

5k Races in Columbia, SC Have Never Been This Fun

LogoColumbia, SC runners and fun seekers, get ready for the most exciting, bounciest 5k obstacle course that has ever been in South Carolina! Experienced marathon runners, casual joggers, outdoor enthusiasts, and everyone in between will want to join in on the fun that is the XtremeAIR 5k! Coming to Saluda Shoals Park on May 21st, the XtremeAIR 5k is an inflatable obstacle course race unlike any of the 5k races in Columbia, SC you've participated in before.