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Ouge Electronics Revolutionizes Full Transformer Productivity

LogoXuyi Ouge Electronic Co., Ltd has recently added an EE10 small inductor to its production line. With such an implementation, this leading international transformer manufacturer can finally provide this industry with a complete set of electronics, including transformer solutions, bobbins, ferrite cores, and inductors. As its sales Manager Yan said, "Ouge aims at providing overseas electronic manufacturers with high-quality transformers at a reasonable price. We have over 15 years of experience in transformer development and manufacturing, and we will continue to expand our product matrix to fulfill higher demands." This is not an exaggeration. Their products are sold within different price ranges, but they are all of good quality and certified by SGS, GTS, and CAS. The product line is made to facilitate the equipment of all kinds of machineries. Ouge provides major transformer solutions that can cover almost all kinds of applications. Transformers Ouge has striven to raise the standards of transformer design and manufacturing since its establishment. It has served well-known electronic corporations, like Osram and Infineon, in applications like LED lighting. Its transformer line includes PQ switching supply transformer, EE USB charger transformer, high-frequency EDR power transformer, and many more types that can be used in lighting control, power control, voltage switching, and other scenarios.