Yad-Tech, Inc.

Yad Tech Announces Launch of New Product for Chronic Pelvic Pain, Querceta

LogoYad Tech (www.yadtech.com) has announced the official launch of Querceta. Querceta is a supplement designed to treat symptoms of nonbacterial prostatitis which can cause Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS). Nonbacterial prostatitis affects men of all ages but is more difficult to diagnose and treat than bacterial prostatitis. Recent studies have suggested that natural supplements are more effective than antibiotics used for treating bacterial prostatitis. In addition, Quercetin, Lycopene, and Zinc are known to reduce the symptoms of CPPS. These ingredients, alongside the Vitamin D found in Querceta, have also been recognized to effectively curb the onset of prostate cancer.

Yad Tech Expands Horizons to New Areas of Men's & Women's Health

LogoYad-Tech (www.yadtech.com) has cemented a name for itself in prior years as the leading provider of all-natural and clinically research reproductive solutions for men and women. As the pioneer of some of the most widely used fertility, prenatal and reproductive supplements for both sexes, Yad has become an industry standard over the past decade. Now the company is pleased to announce that it's expanding its horizons to help meet other prevailing health and wellbeing needs of the international community.

Yad Tech Launches Purea, a New Supplement on the Heels of Rising Epidemic of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) Cases in North America

LogoYad Tech (http://www.yadtech.com) has announced the official launch of a nutraceutical called Purea. The supplement is designed to help prevent the unnatural buildup of simple fat on the liver. This unnatural buildup of fat, commonly caused by a keeping a fatty diet and leading a sedentary lifestyle, (and in some cases by metabolic syndrome), can lead to fat buildups on the liver that can cause permanent scarring and that contribute to a wide variety of different diseases and ailments that could otherwise be avoided. Currently there is no approved pharmacological solution for treating nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), leaving only natural treatment and prevention options on the table for millions of sufferers worldwide.

Yad Is Proud to Attend 2013 Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society Conference in Victoria.

LogoOn September 26th, Yad will be proudly attending the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society Conference in Victoria. A gathering of the top minds in reproductive technology and science, this conference will be the 59th installment of the premier professional organization speaking on the behalf of reproductive health and fertility. Yad is excited to contribute to this gathering, helping to bring the most up-to-date advances in the science to application and fruition.

Yad-Tech Announces Release of PROGESTIA: The New Prenatal Supplement

LogoStaying at the cutting edge of fertility health, Yad-Tech is pleased to introduce its new product PROGESTIA—a prenatal supplement for women formulated to meet the needs of pregnancy. Staying consistent with Yad-Tech’s trend of providing all-natural supplements, Progestia should prove to be another bright step in Yad-Tech’s campaign for all-natural and available reproductive enhancement.

Yad-Tech Announces a New Addition to the Fertil Pro for Women Line, Now Formulated with Vitamin D3

LogoStudies have shown that vitamin D deficient women are less likely to conceive a child. According to several reports, fertility is no longer an issue that plagues specific genders. As the reproductive sciences continue to advance with the aim of increasing reproductive potential, studies suggest that taking a proactive approach toward promoting a healthier lifestyle is beneficial. In the wake of these new studies, Yad-Tech, a research and development company based in Montreal is proud to introduce a new formula for the Fertil Pro line of fertility supplements, Fertil Pro Women + vitamin D3.