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YESnick Vision Center Invites Participants in Pink Eye Study

LogoThe most common symptoms of pink eye, officially termed conjunctivitis, include red eyes, swollen eyelids, mucus oozing out from the eye, and itchiness. Although this irritating eye ailment is typical and widespread, there is no ready-made medicine to treat all cases. In response to this, clinical trials to design advanced and effective cures for pink eye are presently ongoing – and YESnick Vision Center, the leading optometric practice in Las Vegas, is a proud participant in these studies.

Introducing IrisVision: Electronic Wearable Magnifier Demonstration at YESnick Low Vision Center

LogoDr. David Yesnick is hosting a free event at YESnick Low Vision Center, in Las Vegas, to demonstrate the revolutionary IrisVision technology. This assistive device can restore visual independence to people who suffer from poor, uncorrectable vision. Low vision patients will be able to try the device, and the IrisVision Vice President will be present to answer questions. The interactive demonstration will take place on Wednesday, September 26, from 1pm-6pm; attendance is by reservation only.

YESnick Vision Center Reaches 300 Google Reviews

LogoYESnick Vision Center is proud to have ranked up 300 patient reviews on Google, with a fantastic average rating of 4.8 stars! As the largest private optometry practice in Nevada, Dr. David Yesnick and his entire team is known to provide superior customer service and cutting-edge vision care. As the reviews demonstrate, both local and international patients travel to visit this world-class eye care clinic. To what does Dr. Yesnick attribute the success of YESnick Vision Center?

Join a Blind Breakfast at the Yesnick Vision Center

LogoYesnick Vision Center invites the public to take a seat at their annual Blind Breakfast, which was established as a way to enhance their optometry staff members' understanding of life with Low Vision. This year, the event will be held on Saturday, June 16th, 2018, 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM at Marie Calendars and is being run as a fundraiser for their non-profit Vision Recovery Center. Funds will be channeled towards providing underprivileged children with low vision aids. Sandy Yesnick, the only OTR/L, Certified Low Vision Therapist in Nevada, is the driving force behind this innovative, one-of-a-kind experience.

YESnick Vision Center Offers the Only Virtual Driving Simulator in Las Vegas

LogoYESnick Vision Center and their Las Vegas AAA Driving Academy are proud to provide the only driver's training center in Nevada that teaches patents with Low Vision using this unique technology. Highly experienced instructors use revolutionary virtual driving technology and leading-edge cars to teach safe driving for everyone. Dr. Yesnick and his team offer expert instruction for visually impaired patients, new drivers, and seniors who require re-education before returning to the driver's seat.

YESnick Vision Center Is the First Nevada Eye Doctor to Offer OrCam - Glasses for the Blind

LogoYESnick Vision Center was chosen to be the first optometry team in Nevada to market OrCam, a revolutionary device for visually impaired and blind patients. Using sophisticated computer technology and a miniature video camera, wearers operate OrCam MyEye simply by pointing to the object they want to see.

New: Exclusive Eye Care Provider for HPN and Sierra Insurance, in Las Vegas: YESnick Vision Center

LogoYESnick Vision Center is recognized and recommended as the leading optometry practice in Las Vegas by many satisfied local and worldwide patients. As one of the very few optometrists in the region qualified to treat glaucoma and low vision, Dr. David Yesnick O.D., provides expert, extraordinary eye care services for the most challenging visual and medical eye conditions. In acknowledgment of their superior optometric care, Health Plan of Nevada (HPN) and Sierra Health and Life recently authorized YESnick Vision Center with exclusive rights to provide vision care and ocular treatment with coverage from their insurance plans.