Portable Bluetooth Speakers That Sound Amazing

LogoBluetooth speakers are a great choice for outdoor parties. Getting rid of the restrictions of various cables, wireless Bluetooth speakers are designed to take music where no other sound system can go. However, there are a lot of Bluetooth speakers to choose from. When picking the right one for an outdoor party, consider these elements: volume, sound, size and durability. Here are 4 Bluetooth speakers that are worth taking a look at.

Best Back to School Supplies for College

LogoThe excitement of gathering everything ready for that new dorm room or college apartment may cause students to forget that they actually need school supplies too. The new adventures of college will be thrilling, but lots of work is needed to accomplish big goals! Here is a helpful list of items to put on the school shopping list for college.

Find the Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

LogoThis is the best time to start searching for the gift to buy for dad. It's coming up fast so there may not be enough time to make a thorough search and actually get it before Father's Day. Unlike Mother's Day when countless options for gifts can be found, Father's Day can be a little more challenging. Since most dads are in search for the latest gadgets and clever ideas, online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy are great places to find gifts, but here are some ideas at the best prices on Yugster!

Beats by Dr. Dre Tour2: Best Headphones Under $30

LogoBeats Tour2 Headphones aren't usually the most affordable pair of earphones available, but today they can be picked up for just $29.97, making them the best headphones under $30. But this low price hasn't eliminated the signature enhanced bass response and other great features the Beats line is known for.

Yugster Daily Deals Launches New Community Based Deals Website

LogoTired of clipping coupons and scouring the internet for the best deals and promotions? Join the club. Luckily, Yugster has launched deals.yugster.com, a brand-new deals website that makes it easy to find and share the best deals and coupons out there. No hunting and no hassle.

5 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

LogoAfter a cold, dark winter, the bright sun and warm winds of spring are a breath of fresh air. The only problem is all that sunshine highlights the leaf-filled gutters, cracked sidewalks and dead plants in last year's flower beds. Here is a checklist from hgtv.com to help target the areas of the home that need maintenance before spring arrives.

Best Smart Bulbs to Use with Amazon's Alexa

LogoThe voice-activated virtual assistant, Alexa, is housed within the Amazon Echo smart speaker. It can do a lot of cool tricks, but she's especially great at controlling smart lights. There are a lot of light bulbs that will do the job, but which one is best? The Philips Hue Go Multi-Color Smart LED Personal Wireless Lighting System is a strong contender and makes its case to be the top consumer choice

Jabra SOLEMATE MINI Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker – Reviewed

LogoFollowing in the footsteps of the popular Jambox by Jawbone, Jabra introduced Solemate to the growing market for compact Bluetooth speakers. It features a distinct, footwear-inspired design and decent sound for its size, but how does Solemate stack up to the competion? Find out with this helpful review of the Solmate Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.e

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Every Relationship Phase

LogoFinding just the right gift for that special someone can be challenging this time of year. Whether just starting to date or together for year, this gift guide has it covered. Using Using a list from Reader's Digest as a starting point, here are some great ideas on how to impress on Valentine's Day.

Top 5 Best Food to Grill for the Big Game

LogoFootball fans all over the world are excited because it's February and everyone knows what that means: the Big Game is almost here! To make that coming party a success, plan to prepare and serve the best and most unique food items. Make sure the propane tanks are filled, grab the cooler, fire up the grill and pick one of these best grilled food items to munch on: