Infinite IT Solutions Lay out New Website for Yarrabee & Castlemaine

Since 2005, Yarrabee and Castlemaine Stone Solutions have had a reputation of being one of Melbourne’s finest suppliers in pavers and natural stones. The company was formed as a part of a merger between Yarrabee Slate and Castlemaine Slate & Stone Quarry; the knowledgeable staff bring together over 80 years experience and are able to assist their customers with a range of stone solutions. Their trusted and honest reputation has only been concreted in the minds of their customers due to their focus on assisting with appropriate stone choices and offering useful advice.

Infinite IT Solutions Train up New Website for FYI Training

After deciding that their current website wasn’t performing up to scratch, the team at FYI Training contacted web design company Infinite IT Solutions and asked them if they could help.

Infinite IT Solutions Shed Light on Gardens at Night Updates

Based in both Melbourne and Sydney, Gardens At Night are lighting design company that specialize in exterior and landscaping lighting. With over 20 years experience in the industry, Gardens At Night ensures that they only employ staff who come from a landscape, design and electrical background. After garnering for themselves a reputation for being one of the most premier and professional landscape lighting suppliers in the country, Gardens At Night are well placed to provide both residential and commercial clients with a range of solutions.

Infinite IT Solutions Meets the Needs of Avalon Centre

The Avalon Centre opened the doors to its North Caulfield location in 1987 before moving to East Malvern in 1997. The volunteers at the Centre run a range of programs that are designed to provide creative opportunities and integration for those who are disadvantaged in some way (such as physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological, sensory or social disabilities). In 2008, they changed the focus of the Centre and now actively go out into the community, looking for people who could benefit from one of their programs. As their slogan sums up, the Avalon Centre is focused on meeting unmet needs.

Infinite IT Achieving New Look for Achieve Design

Achieve Design was founded in 1996 by Benni Trajcevski, a building designer who decided to become self-employed and soon built up his own company. The four building designers currently working for Achieve Design have a combined experience of over 18 years, and all projects are overseen by Benni who only accepts the highest standards. With over 2,200 projects already completed, the team at Achieve Design specializes in custom design projects and complex unit developments. They pride themselves on their professional service, attention to detail and innovative designs.

Infinite IT Helping Achieve Design to Get Social

After discussions with the team at Infinite IT Solutions, Achieve Design was decided that, as well as a new website, Achieve Design would also have a Facebook landing page designed.

Infinite IT Solutions Bringing Smack Art’s Web Presence to Life

Smack Art is the brainchild of artist Jamie Petroff and is a company located in Melbourne that promotes the original work of a number of artists. With years of experience in both the photography and painting fields, the works created by Smack Art are of an exceptionally high quality and are collectible items amongst the art world. With a style that appeals to the most traditional to the most out there, Smack Art is sure to be able to offer you a piece that suits your tastes.

Infinite IT Solutions to Boost Ranking for MST Lawyers

Mason Sier Turnbull (MST) is mid-tier law firm based in Melbourne that offers a range of specialist legal advice to their clients. Some of the areas in which MST offers legal advice include: Business Law, Wills and Estates, Commercial Litigation, Family Law and Property Law. Each lawyer employed by MST is committed to providing the highest level of customer service and legal solutions to their clients, without exception. In proof of this, many of the lawyers employed by MST have been accredited as specialists in their respective fields by the Law Institute of Victoria.

Infinite IT Solutions Giving Fish Habitat Network New Home

The Fish Habitat Network (or FHN) is a government-funded organization that aims to look after and improve the various areas that fish in New South Wales need to survive and thrive in their natural environments. They provide the general public with information regarding fish habitats, as well as stories about the people who are working on improving these areas and encouraging the growth of fish communities through rehabilitation. FHN is partnered with a wide range of fishing and environmental groups across Australia, including the NSW Council of Fresh Water Anglers, ECOfishers and state governments.

Infinite IT Solutions Illuminating Updates for Gardens at Night

Gardens At Night contacted Infinite IT Solutions - web design company, to undertake the task for them, and it wasn’t long before both companies were hard at work coming up with solutions to the update problem.