Ziglift Now Expanding Wire Deck Inventory

LogoZiglift has expanded its stock of Wire Decks to their inventory of pallet racking, boltless shelving, Fastrak, manual and electric pallet jacks, storage bins, ladders, cards and more. They expect their sales to markedly increase with the addition of the decks. Wire decking is often light duty, and is good for storing products that are at any stage of the manufacturing process, whether they are finished, are still works-in-progress, or are just component parts. Decking is constructed with 4-gauge construction, with sandwich wires used each 12 inches, to add more stability and make the shelves more rigid. Often an extra powder coat or a galvanized finish can be added, to make the metal more durable.

California Warehouse Equipment Distributor Pursues Real Estate Partnerships

LogoAs a leading distributor of warehouse rack equipment and services, ZIGLIFT consistently explores opportunities to expand its operations to different types of clients. Currently, the company is seeking commercial real estate partnerships as a method to provide its services and equipment to commercial centers. Working collaboratively with commercial properties allows for more affordable options and greater efficient service.

Leading California Warehouse Equipment Distributor Opens New Operations Center

LogoZIGLIFT, a leading distributor of warehouse equipment and services, has recently consolidated four locations into one and is operating exclusively out of its new Cerritos location at 14141 Arbor Place. The new location and consolidated center will significantly increase the company’s productivity and ability to fulfill a higher number of orders with greater efficiency. This structure for operations also will allow for larger inventory and larger liquidations to be acquired.

Demand for Warehouse Equipment Drives Customers to Online Market

LogoZIGLIFT, a leading distributor of warehouse equipment and services, is making changes to accommodate a growing demand for online sales of warehouse materials. As the industry grows, many companies are experiencing greater interest from online shoppers. ZIGLIFT responded to this change in customer preference by updating its website to deliver an improved user experience and more direct access to product information.

With Warehouse Use Expanding, Ziglift / Rack Exchange Is Ready for the Boom

LogoWith slow but steady economic recovery in the news comes additional news about warehouse expansion everywhere: an uptick in Costco sales across the country, an expansion of tire warehouses in the southwest, and here in California, the arrival of two new massive Amazon fulfillment centers. As a leader in new and used pallet racking, and material handling supply and equipment, Southern California-based ZIGLIFT is poised to ride the West Coast end of the current warehousing boom.