An Answer to Gazprom Tariff: Alternative Energy Boost Has Finally Reached Ukraine

While politicians fight over the price of gas, Ukrainian businessmen cut down their energy expenses. Ukraine witnesses a boost in demand for alternative energy – biofuel and wind-power generators.

EU and Ukraine Enhance Cooperation in Alternative Energy Production

According to information provided by RBK-Ukraine, EU increases the amount of biogas production by 20% per year. In half of the cases, fumes of city dumpsters serve as the source for biogas production. Meanwhile biogas plants for recycling of organic waste, employed by EU countries, are developed and designed in Ukraine, such as biogas projects by “EcoGen SIA” (Latvia). Furthermore, European countries outside EU also seek the benefits of working with Ukrainian experts. Biogas plant to be constructed in Moldova by Ukrainian construction company “ZORG Ukraine” is going to be among the country’s largest

National Energy Regulation Commission of Ukraine Determined “Green Tariff” Rate for "Ukrainska Molochna Kompania"

On 29.04.2010 National Energy Regulation Commission of Ukraine (NERC) determined “green tariff” rates for “Ukrainska Molochna Kompania” company (UMK). UMK is the first company in Ukraine to receive the license, which allows UMK to sell electricity produced by means of biogas technologies.