ZYN22 Encourages Riders to "Meet Their Challenge" This July

LogoAt ZYN22, they always encourage individuals to put mind over matter on the bike and off it. They believe the first step to changing one's life is about digging deep and being honest with oneself. Meet their next challenge.

Learn More About West, One of ZYN22's Instructors in New Blog Post

LogoMantras are important tools for instructors to inspire riders in class. On ZYN22's blog, they are currently running a series on ZYNstructors and their mantras. A mantra is a word or phrase that is often repeated and expresses a person's basic beliefs. ZYNstructor West begins each of her classes by asking her riders "We never ride at zero, yes?" because her mantra is "never ride at zero."

Lose Weight and Gain Friends at ZYN22 This Summer and Beyond

LogoThey say laughter is the best medicine. At ZYN22, they believe exercise is the best medicine and urge anyone serious about getting in shape to visit one of their locations throughout Texas this summer.

Bring a Friend to the Dome at ZYN22 This Summer

LogoAn excellent way to unwind from stress, as well as strengthen a bond, is to sweat it out with a friend during one of ZYN22's cardio classes in Southlake, TX this summer. In fact, for good buddies and former athletes, David and Trevius, the Dome is their go-to place. They motivate each other to work harder in the weight room, and in life.

Getting in Shape for the Warmer Weather at ZYN22

LogoAs the average temperature continues to rise, it's time for athletes and exercise enthusiasts in Dallas, Fort Worth and Southlake to turn their workouts up a few notches, by adopting the Zyn22 approach towards working out; which involves a combination of cardio and weight training for a full body workout that not only tones the body, but also strengthens the mind. Music, dancing and inspiration is how Zyn22 helps people tap into a healthier, more physically active lifestyle.

Participants Rejuvenate Their Minds and Bodies with ZYN22 This Spring

LogoBefore the warmer weather arrives, motivated individuals are encouraged to adopt ZYN22's progressive approach to working out. By fusing together cardio and weight training for an ultimate full body workout, the indoor cycling classes at ZYN22 are designed to tone participants' bodies, as well as strengthen their minds. With an emphasis on dancing, music and inspiration all in one workout, there's no better way to enjoy some much-needed sweat therapy this spring. Participants can have confidence in knowing that ZYN22 will improve their self-confidence, as well as restore their mental strength.

Exercise Enthusiasts Prepare Their Minds and Bodies for Spring with ZYN22

LogoAnyone searching for indoor cycling classes is encouraged to explore the ZYN22 approach to working out. Based on more than changing one's shape or outlook, this experience is intended to completely transform one's life. By combining cardio and weight training for a full body workout, participants have the opportunity to tone their bodies, as well as strengthen their minds. ZYN22 is where dancing, music and inspiration collide to energize a powerful workout. They don't call it the "Ride of Your Life" for nothing.

Athletes and Exercise Enthusiasts Are Drawn to the ZYN22 Approach to Working Out

LogoMore and more athletes and exercise enthusiast alike are drawn to the ZYN22 approach to working out. Through a combination of cardio and weight training, ZYNstructors lead full-body workouts designed to tone the body as well as strengthen the mind. After signing up for indoor cycling classes at any of their four locations, participants will be inspired by music, dancing and the incredibly upbeat environment; making the innovative, ZYN22 experience something that not only changes a participant's shape or outlook, but also their life in general.

ZYN22 Offering Exciting and Interactive Indoor Cycling Classes

LogoAthletes and fitness enthusiasts everywhere are raving about the innovative ZYN22 approach towards working out. This involves so much more than changing one's shape or even their outlook; instead, it's about changing their lives. With indoor cycling classes in Southlake, TX and it surrounding areas, participants now have the opportunity to break a sweat while enjoying a sensational workout regimen designed around improving the mind, body and spirit. Of course, boosting fitness levels is a top priority at ZYN22; but, above all, the staff is passionate about providing the ultimate exercise experience.

Riders Unleash Their Inner Athlete at ZYN22 by Embarking on BREAKTHROUGH22 Cycling Challenge

LogoDuring the month of November, ZYN22, the spirit-body renewal sensation, challenged fitness enthusiasts to BREAKTHROUGH22 for a second round. The unique workout challenge encouraged exercise cyclists to enhance the level of their routine by riding 22 times in just 30 days. Riders upped the ante of the ZYN22 regimen, which focuses on improving the mind, soul, and body with energetic and upbeat pedaling exercises, by making the pledge to take on the challenge publicly.