Staffordshire, United Kingdom (May 20, 2010) - Prink, the leading UK suppliers of cheap ink cartridges and high quality compatibles for a number of brands, are able to offer customers compatible ink cartridges which are cheaper than refills. Many have discovered the cost benefits of refilling their ink cartridges when empty, yet it can still prove to be a messy and unreliable business depending on the refill service that's used. For instance, the ink cartridges themselves can be damaged which could potentially lead to printer malfunctions or the print quality can reduce dramatically. Prink feel they have the solution with their compatible ink cartridges. Although the option of refilling cartridges is cheap in comparison to buying new cartridges straight from retail, compatible cartridges are cheaper still and will always offer the same high standards that an official cartridge does for a fraction of the price. "Refills are a popular solution for those who use their printers regularly, especially in the current financial climate. However, there have been lots of stories about unreliability and poor-quality print jobs after the service has been performed," commented a spokesperson for Prink. "Compatible printer cartridges don't offer these problems and are much cheaper than refills or freshly bought original cartridges. We have a large stock of cartridges compatible with brands such as HP and Brother, and customers can view our selection via our website today." To find out more about Prink and their range of compatible printer ink cartridges and other products, visit their website at or telephone 0845 365 1295 (Mon - Fri, 10 - 4).