ProcessMiner uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help manufacturers drive continuous improvement to their operations and reduce waste, scrap and defects. Artificial Intelligence in the manufacturing market was valued at ~ $1.1B in 2020 but is forecast to reach $16.7B by 2026, growing at an impressive 57.2 Compound Annual Growth Rate. ProcessMiner uses proprietary AI technology to help manufacturers get more value from the data they now have access to. We improve the quality of the manufacturing process by opening up visibility into what’s happening inside of machines that no human eye could detect. AI-enhanced data transforms a reactive manufacturing operation into a proactive manufacturing operation by delivering real-time predictive and prescriptive analytics. This transformation helps customers eliminate waste and avoid inefficiencies before they happen. At ProcessMiner we are at the forefront of helping manufacturers combine IT data and OT data for improvements in operational performance. We believe the market opportunity is worth roughly $200M. We are currently driving a high return on investment with our platform to the Pulp, Paper and Plastics industry by delivering Autonomous manufacturing, an “Industry First” platform feature we refer to as AutoPilot.