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Dr. Richard Winter opened his practice in 1974, and has been serving Elk Grove and the surrounding communities with exceptional care for forty years. Dr. Winter and his team strive to make your family's visits to the dentist as easy as possible by using the latest dental technology to make patient experiences better, faster and even more comfortable. They make it a point to be welcoming and fun in order to encourage young patients to visit the dentist regularly, prevent dental anxiety and educate them for lifelong oral health. Services offered include Oral Hygiene, Comprehensive Examination, Oral Surgery, Root Canals, TMJ treatments, Cosmetic Treatments, Orthodontics, Snoring and Sleep Apnea and Dental Emergencies. For anxious patients, nitrous oxide and oral conscious Sedation Dentistry is available to make the visit as easy and comforting as possible. Please visit or call today to schedule a consultation at 916-691-5330.