ProSilk Hair Care & Styling Tools

ProSilk is the brainchild of David Yoon; his methodical approach to business is soundly forged on traditional principles with a technological twist. Yoon’s relatively young company (2002) is capitalizing on his intuition, knowledge, insight, and personal relationships with cutting edge manufacturers and design engineers, which give him a competitive advantage when it comes to bringing “new” technology to market quickly and efficiently. Although ProSilk may be a young company, David is no stranger to the world of professional beauty supply. With more then 17 years on the supply side, Yoon is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to beauty products and tools. “I am a student of this industry, and I understand the gaps between what is currently available and what professional stylists desire for their clients,” says Yoon. By focusing on the desires of the professional stylist, Yoon and his company have been able to create an innovative line up of technology infused professional styling tools, and a full luxury hair care line. “Our customers demand exacting tools that are comfortable, lightweight, attractive, reliable, affordable and effective,” he adds. Creating a line that is focused on forward thinking and excellence, ProSilk is especially proud of their proprietary advances in FAR Infrared dryer technology. The ProSilk FAR Infrared dryer is a sporty, compact and comfortable unit that integrates negative ionization, infrared light therapy, and ceramic technology to deliver a drying experience that is 60% faster then traditional dryers, and actually improves the quality of hair. ProSilk’s dryer provides a wide array of advanced options that truly change the concept of hair drying. It’s what you don’t see that makes the real difference in the ProSilk product line. The ProSilk dryer is a cutting edge professional series styling tool, that stops hair damage, infuses moisture, improves hair quality, which diminishes hair loss and leaves the hair healthy and shiny. We truly have a product that is beautiful inside and out, and it delivers beyond our expectation,” says Yoon. ProSilk is an advanced hair care company, blending technology, art, and science. Unparalleled design and functionality, their vast product line covers the full spectrum of tools and products for the discerning hair care professional. ProSilk offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. “We simply build tools that work, and we stand behind every product that leaves our facility. It’s not just a promise; it’s a philosophy at ProSilk. Our products will improve the quality of your work” Yoon said. ProSilk is only available through select distributors. For information contact ProSilk at or 866.434.8100