Protect The Wolves™

Protect The Wolves™ Vision requires Your help and support to protect not only wolves, grizzlies, bison, but to insure these magnificent resources remain healthy for our children's children. After all wolves, canids, canis lupus, grizzlies, bison to name a few, are our children's resources. Protect The Wolves views it as our responsibility to insure that wolves get treated not only fair, but protected using every tool we have available.   While Protect The Wolves™ is working towards ending needless slaughter of our Keystone Species, it is important that we educate the public on exactly the methods used to wrongfully target the public's resources. Join Our Voice Today to become the Howl Heard around The World Tomorrow! In Today's Economy, With Donations not being what they should be, we decided that with over 30 years of Combined experience. We would add a Digital Online Marketing Department that offers Autocall Software for business websites, Google Adwords Management, bulk texting service, website design, Affiliate Products, Wolf T-shirts, wolf themed products. With a a PPE addition because personally we are experiencing high costs when purchasing certain Products to maintain our health safely.