Protectimus Solutions LLP

Protectimus is an OATH-certified two-factor authentication solution that supports all standard algorithms of one-time passwords generation (HOTP, TOTP, and OCRA) and a wide range of hardware and software tokens, including absolutely new reprogrammable NFC tokens, convenient iOS and Android applications, and OTP delivery via SMS and Email. Our solution is available in two forms: as a Cloud Service (the client uses our servers, which are carefully protected) or as a Platform (the client installs our 2FA solution on his own servers). Flexible API allows quick integration with basic programming languages such as Java, Python, PHP, etc. What makes us different from our competitors is an individual approach to each client, an ability to customize our solutions to the client’s needs, a much lower support cost per user, and a number of advanced features, which enhance the level of the protection of the accounts from being hacked and guarantee the maximum convenience of use: 1. Transaction data signature or CWYS (Confirm What You See). This function allows taking into account the key transaction data during the OTP generation. For example, the OTP can be generated on the basis of such data as the recipient’s name, the sum of transfer, the currency, etc. Thus, even if the attacker catches the OTP he cannot use it to confirm the fake transaction. CWYS function protects from the man-in-the-middle attacks, banking trojans, data modifications, automated transfer systems, etc. 2. Smart identification. With this feature the one-time password will be asked only when the user logs into his account from a new device or from a new browser. Thereby the client can maintain his users’ loyalty. 3. Geographical and time filters. This feature allows the client to appoint the countries and time when his users can enter their accounts. 4. Free software token Protectimus Smart compatible with the smartwatch Android Wear. 5. Reprogrammable OTP tokens Protectimus Slim NFC.