Prototype House

Prototype House aims to be the premier choice for inventors, startups and large brands. Prototype House is your partner from your initial “product idea” to production. Prototype House core values are Integrity, innovation and attention to details. Prototype House is making an impact with clients across the globe. Our founders have launched over 65 products that are selling in the market today. Our team has developed products for top brands and fortune 500 retailers such as; Office Depot, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Sam’s CLub, Bed Bath And Beyond, Ace , Menards, and many more. Our team have also designed and collaborated with other amazing brands such as: Husky, Skill, Bosch, Ativa, Craftsman, Lexar, Emtech, No Fear, Relax The Back, BMW Design Group, Concepto Studios, Big Red Roaster, Frog, Ideo, and others.