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Self Publish Your Book With Prowess Bid adieu to finding a publisher for your book and embrace the world of self-publishing to create your destiny. Self-publishing gives freedom of choice to publish your book – the way you want and when you want. You can select the best cover design and interior design, decide critical factors like typesetting, distributors and pricing, and choose to release your book at your convenient time. Book-publishing in India simplified - Prowess publishing, a fast growing book publisher in India, assists budding authors at every step of the way – from manuscript development to publication. Self-publishing your book with Prowess is drama-free. Our publishing consultants collaborate with you and navigate the book publishing process. Whether you are writing a children’s book, cookbook, fiction, or an autobiography, our experts will work with you on every detail, one page at a time. Join the rapidly growing club of self-publishers in India and create history.