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Qualified Place Jobs is a job search place and online recruitment agency with the commitment to link job seekers with recruiters in the UK, Europe, and internationally. At Qualified Place Jobs, you can find Jobs in UK and Jobs in Europe. Qualified Place Jobs value all qualifications by courses, learning and experience. We understand that recruiting the best talents is a headache faced by all recruiters regardless of the size of their organisation. Likewise, job hunting can be physically, emotionally, psychologically draining – thus the need to act as a bridge between job seekers and hiring companies. We boast a vast database of companies seeking to recruit qualified candidates, freelancers, and a search engine solution that is poised at connecting the best candidates with these companies. Our job search site aims to scrutinize all candidate that signs up on our platform and links them with several job opportunities that match their qualifications. Over the years, we’ve built a solid reputation that has thrived on the ability to link employers with talents in rare career sectors such as IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Science and Technology, Health, Education, Hospitality, and Tourism and a host of others. Our approach is custom-made for each sector, and we leverage the latest technology to arrive at a perfect match between recruiters and job seekers. With jobs near me features, Jobs In UK and Jobs in Europe , Job seekers have all job vacancies available across regions and industries