Rated M Wine Infused Foods

WIDCO, INC. dba Rated M Wine Infused Foods is a South Florida Manufacturer. We produce Wine Infused Frozen Desserts - Sorbet (Non-dairy), and Melange (Probiotic & Dairy); Sea Salts - Cocktail for the rim of your favorite drink, Cooking to replace your boring iodized salt, and Finishing to Garnish like a pro; Vinegar; and Grill Rub with their trade-secret wine infusion process (Smoky-Sweet and Spicy-Sweet). We offer all products in Retail and Wholesale packaging. All our products use natural, NONGMO flavors, and are truly unlike anything you've ever tasted. They all contain less than half of one percent of alcohol per volume by law, so they're able to be sold in any store without additional licensing. From Soup to Nuts these products make everything you use them on or with elevated to the next flavor profile level.