REAL is a lock expert with 39 years of security lock experience and has been selling their locks to more than 130 countries worldwide. In 1972, REAL started manufacturing cylinder locks for banks in Europe and Asia, furniture and car companies in Americas and Asia, whoever needed cylinder locks installed. Unlike most lock makers, REAL also supply round, square and diamond shaped locks to provide various choices of locks. To enforce their strength, REAL's locks are all made of stainless steel and brass, and with CNC machine they are perfectly carved. In addition, REAL's stainless steel locker was once tested by the U.S. CIA with live ammunition to test its durability. Even 30 years ago, REAL's locks were already well-known for their sophistication and solidness. Later, REAL's realization of global competition made them take further steps and design a five-level master key system. The master key system contains more than 3 billion key codes and its grand master key is capable of opening more than 200,000 locks. It is favored by hotels, country clubs, furniture stores and gyms, wherever key management is required. REAL's complicated design of master key systems has already surpassed other lock giants in Japan, England, France, Italy, the U.S., etc.